Honey Potion Hydration Mask

Moisturizing honey potion mask

The massage lasts one to two minutes and the mask begins to warm up when it turns into a rich cream texture. Because of the warming sensation of the mask, we recommend a patch test before using the product. Here you can buy the honey potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask from Farmacy. Warming massage face mask that nourishes and revitalizes the skin.

Funmacy Honey Potion Renewal Antioxidant Hydration Mask Ratings, Photograph, Ingredients

There are a number of things you can like about this mask; the rigid, yet gel-like structure that simply blends nicely into the body, the anti-oxidant power of honey, the fact that Farmacy is a cruelty-free label, the accompanying metallic blade to maintain the appearance of cleanliness for a pot-style cosmetic etc., etc..

One thing I don't like is the way the mask deliberately has that warmness. My face is fragile, often reactively irritated when I put on a lotion and I sense this hot tingling sensation, which is always a symptom of things to come, so my first response to the sensation is that whatever I've just put on my face is to wash off immediately.

Because I knew this mask was heated so I was fighting against this impulse and I'm happy that I did it, the almost ointment-like structure of the mask really moisturized my complexion (my arm, arid face takes a pounding in this chilly Canadian winter ) and really popped it beautifully. Still I find the heating function unpleasant, I don't like it at all, but I like the results.

Not the bearable tingling warmth, but the disastrous firing of a thousand devil blazes on my face. Thought it might not have been a response to the mask, but probably because my face was soaked and I just had a peeling, so I would try again. Since then, as long as my face is spotted clean and dried, there is no fire of hell - only beautiful, smooth skins.

I' m more than likely going to buy this back in the near term, and if you're looking to buy this in the near term (unless you like the feel of the worst burns you can ever imagine) make sure you wipe your face before you apply.

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