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Lite Regina - Free WordPress Medical / Hospital Theme. The Medical Hospital's WordPress theme is specifically designed for medical websites perfect for you. The Free Hospital WordPress Theme is our latest modern WordPress theme, specifically designed for medical facilities, health centres, clinics, pharmacies, etc. This free Medical WordPress topic is the perfect option for you if you belong to the medical-scientific industry.

Medical WordPress Topics for Your Hospital Website 19

Building a website for your hospital or healthcare institution means providing your users with information that is useful to them. Being such, a free WordPress devoted and specialised free of charge medicinal topic is useful to have. These WP topics have contents areas and functions that can help you quickly attach the information you want to view.

You can, for example, enter information on appointments, personnel, and health care provided via such layout. Whatever proper WordPress healthcare topic is delivered with an appointments widget to help you achieve it. In search of the ideal WordPress topic? This summary is a collection of some of the best free WordPress topics in medicine.

These topics are especially addressed to hospital, clinic, dentist, ambulance, pharmacy and other institutions. Another WordPress topic? This is the most prominent WordPress topic in connection with various medicinal devices. You can try it with the 1-click trial installation program, also in the free one. There are two versions: the free one allows you to try all the fundamental wonders) What are you still up to?

It is a WordPress topic that is completely reactive and translatable. Ideal for sites of physicians, practitioners, medical institutions, clinics, dentists and other target groups. The WP theme contains several user-defined Widget and Page Style themes. Use the Home Page preset to give your website a pro look.

Title page templates are delivered with a homepage slide. A full -width page pattern is also available, attached to the design. There are widgets in the bottom and side bar of it. Altogether it is a very adaptable and neat WP topic. Medicinal life is a basic WordPress medicinal topic.

He is fully reactive and has a large head picture on the homepage. They can also include an actions pushbutton and use user-defined menu. Healthcare life is more of a blogs topic for sites that deal with health care professionals. It' probably not the best solution if you are looking for a WordPress healthcare topic for businesses or enterprises.

However, it seems to be suitable for blogs. Medicinal treatment is a children's topic of the Health Center Lite, it is a translation-ready and fast-reacting WordPress topic in medicine. A user-defined homepage style sheet with a full-width picture head is provided. Clinical treatment has a three-column structure.

There is also a page style sheet in full width. The WP theme provides widget-sectors both in the bottom line and in the side bar. Overarching theme, Health Center Lite, is compliant with various common plug-ins such as Contact Form 7, WPML and Polylang. There are also several user-defined Widgets for you to add your own teams profile, test reports, etc.

Medicinal treatment inherits all these characteristics of the overarching theme. It is a neat and simple WordPress topic. It' s fast and willing to translate. This is a WP topic that presents your latest contributions on the homepage. There is a home page area and several user-defined Widgets available.

The WP theme provides support for broadget areas in the bottom bar and side bar and allows you to personalise your website with user-defined menu items and a user-defined logotype. The design has a full width page pattern. There' also a homepage wide area where you can use user-defined widets to present the presented and related information.

A WordPress topic for medicine, it is best suitable for hospital and chemist locations. Provides a home page area with large user-defined picture. Our team at the Clinic is always prepared to translate and can react quickly. It' a neat WP design that looks good on all kinds of equipment and display resolution.

There is a classic lay-out with your blogs posted in the major regional area and a basic side bar with widgets. The WP theme is easily customizable and can work well for anyone who needs a basic answer for their healthcare website. SCT Toothy is a WordPress topic for medicine that is ideal for clinicians and dentist web sites.

Naturally, it can continue to be used for other kinds of health facilities such as Pathologies, Hospital and Apothecary Centres. Toothy SKT is fully translatable and fully compliant with almost all WP plug-ins for translations. It' s fast responding and comes with great features like pop-up symbols to add to your profile.

The WP theme has its own homepage templates and a two-column lay-out. The Mediquip Plus is a WordPress topic with a blogsheet. The WP topic is ripe for translating and quick to react. It' a basic topic of tagging that is intended for medicinal bloggers. There are no different user-defined optimizations and operations.

The Mediquip Plus is supplied with a full-width page layout. Besides the side bar it also provides wide areas in the bottom line. The VW Hospital Lite is a WordPress topic designed for all kinds of hospital and hospital locations. This is a fully reactive and translation-ready WP topic.

There comes with footers and sidebars widgets areas. It also has user-defined page styles for home page and full width pages. The VW Hospital Lite has a broad palette of functions that you can use. On the homepage of this topic there is also a Call to Action Buttons. Furthermore, this WP theme is fully WooCommerce compliant.

With VW Hospital Lite you can select between several different layout. There is also a feature-rich edition with even more functions such as user-defined shortcuts and contents areas. Medeclean is an appealing, neat and challenging WordPress topic. Mediclean also has a dedicated area where you can enter the user field "Book appointment".

Support widgets in the bottom bar and side bar. A full width page style sheet is also available. The WP topic is suitable for translations and has a multi-column lay-out. Medlean is a minimum and stylish WordPress theme. You may find it works well if you are looking for a WP theme that is focused only on the fundamentals and simple to setup and adjust.

The HealthPress is a children's topic of Health Center Lite. Delivered with full width and home page user-defined page templates. WordPress is a topic of medicine that is suitable for translations and has a three-column lay-out. Quite like its overarching theme Health Center Lite, HealthPress also games with almost all favorite WordPress plug-ins.

Optionally, you can select whether to include user-defined text on the slide bar pictures or to display actions pushbuttons and hyperlinks. The HealthPress is a practical WP topic for various healthcare sites, among them clinics and chemists. The Eightmedi Lite is a free WordPress topic for medicine with many functions. This is a fully reactive and translation-ready WP topic.

The Eightmedi Lite is eCommerce enabled and has a web based design for blogs. You can also choose one, two, or three column and use the full width page style. This theme has widgets in the bottom and side bars. In addition, Eightmedi Lite comes with a customized homepage templates.

Create user-defined section to view detail such as date sheets, sliders, scrolling symbols, etc. on the home page. The WP theme includes support for Google fonts for enhanced type. The Med Plus is a WordPress topic that best meets the needs of patients in hospital, pharmacy, dentist, surgeon etc. It' s fully compliant with WooCommerce, NextGEN Gallery, Contact Form 7 and various other favorite WordPress plug-ins.

The Med Plus is quick to react, can be used on the move and is prepared for translations. There are widgets in the bottom line and it also has a full-width page style. The WP theme has its own homepage design with a full width slide control. Use the area directly below the slide bar to insert a user-defined event key.

The Med Plus provides additional features like pop-up menus, pop-up menus, etc. Med Plus provides visual controls and other features in the headers themselves. It is a WordPress theme with a contemporary look. A full-width page style and a customized home page style are provided with it. You will find customized home page section that will help you further customize your website.

It is a translation-oriented and fast-reacting WordPress topic. Allows you to create user-defined block in different areas. This way you can describe the benefits of your health care institution or hospital in detail and even use shortcut keys for further detail. The Health Center Lite also focuses on health care for children.

There are several own extra styles, among them a user-defined homepage style sheet and a full-width page style sheet. The Healthcare homepage submission has a large picture area followed by user-defined contents blocs. The WP topic is ripe for translating and quick to react. Apart from that, like all other children's issues, health care is inheriting all the characteristics of its overarching theme.

In addition, it provides some customized Widgetts that allow you to include detail and contents to your home page templates. User-defined Widgets can also be used in other Widgetareas. Dr. is a WordPress topic in medicine that is completely reactive and translatable. The WP topic has a page style sheet in full width and its own homepage outline.

Drctors WP theme comes with different contents and each of these blocs has a buttons. Appointment, employee profiles, health facility section, etc. can be added to each section and linked to various pages on your website using the buttons. HEALTH CARE (not to be mixed up with HEALTH CARE WordPress topic above ) is a WordPress medicinal topic.

Bootstrap base, it is fully reactive and optimised for mobility. There are four user-defined page layout and two different page styles. You can use the homepage temlate to set up and adapt your homepage. The healthcare sector also has broadside areas in the side bar and bottomline.

There' also a Flickr customized widget that lets you share your Flickr pictures. Translatable and proven to work with common multi-language WP plug-ins such as Polylang and WPML, Healthcare also provides two different colour scheme (light and dark) and is WooCommerce-compliant.

The Health Center Lite is a feature-rich WordPress topic. Indeed, as you may have noted, it is the overarching theme of several of the above listed WP medicinal topics. It' a fully reactive WP theme with user-defined page styles and multiple widget areas. Supports contact form 7 style and multiple user-defined custom widgets.

Several of the packaged Widget products contain Test Reports, Staff Wide Screens, Service Wide Screens, etc. Lite is compliant with multi-language plug-ins such as Polylang and WPML. There are also some pre-defined template files and the possibility to modify the look and feel directly from the customizer. Lite Health Center also has a professional release that provides even more functionality and superior customer service.

It is a fast-reacting and translation-ready WordPress topic. Heiling Touch provides a user-defined homepage templat. The WP theme also has a full width page layout. doctorssline is a sub-theme of NovelLite. It' a one-page WordPress topic that is both quick to respond to and translatable.

There are six widgets supported (two in the side bar and four in the footer). The WP theme includes user-defined contents pads to add detail such as service, endorsements, pricing, information about us and the Contacts Forms. The order of the paragraphs on the one-page layouts can be changed using easy drag-and-drop techniques. doctorssline WordPress theme support postal format.

There is a personal touch screen at the top of the page itself and you can modify the various pictures in the layouts to further personalise your website. When you need more such topics, you should look at some other summaries on healthcare and WordPress medicinal topics - here and here.

Finally, here is a very useful and in-depth tutorial on how to use WordPress to build the ideal website for the dentist's office. When you operate a website for medicinal businesses or professions, what medicinal WordPress topic do you use and why?

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