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Your website can be hosted on a popular web host such as Linux Hosts Inc. If this is the case, you must change the name servers of your Godaddy account. At Go Daddy, we offer a hosting service that lets you create your company's website. Hosting is not the only slow thing, server changes are also slow. No, I didn't buy domain names.

Uploading a website to GoDaddy

At Goaddy, we offer a web site hosted to help you create your company's website. Once you have finished programming your website, you need to submit the data and pictures to the Go Dady servers. Using the built-in file manager on the GoDaddy account website, you can search your file and submit it to the hostingserver.

As soon as you have up-loaded your website to the servers, your pages and data are available to the general public for viewing and use. Start a web browsing application, browse to your Go Caddy login and login. From the Web page, click the Web Hosting Web page and then click launch under the name of your host name.

See the Hosted Control Center, which allows you to display and modify your Go Daddy Hosted Servers file. To choose the directory where you want to submit your website file, click a directory name in the directory structure. To search your computer for website file, click on " Submit " in the menubar.

When you click on " Submit ", your website file will be transferred to the Go Daddy web hoster. "About uploading a website to GoDaddy."

Php - How to get to my GoDaddy website with only the IP of my web host only.

Now I have created an index.php-document. Please send me this email. I want this email to be provided by a web host. Well, I don't want to buy a domainname for that. The only way I want to get hold of this data over the web is via the IP of the website. GoDaddy has me buying a webhost license.

No, I didn't buy domains for my web host. Updated the index.php to the public_html directory. I' m now trying to get my index.php only with the I. P. Adress of my website. Suppose the Internet Protocol number of my site is 166.XX.XX.XX.XX.XXX. These are the screen shots for the I. P. addresses of my website and the Files Browser window:

What is the problem: I tried to go to http://166.XX.XX.XXX/public_html/wwww/index.php in my web browsers, but I can't get index.php from the IP addres. When I try to go to http://166.XX.XX.XXX/, my index.php page is replaced by a coming soon page. Will it be possible to get my index.php only with the IP or do I have to buy the name first?

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