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Receive quick facts about HostMonster: All you need to know about HostMonster web hosting, including comparing their shared, VPS and dedicated packages. Webcasting HostMonster HostMonster Web hosting If you just need the basic principles without many extended features, HostMosnter is a web server that can do the work....

You just have to be conscious that there are much better possibilities. Evaluation of the editors: Free-of-charge transfer of domains. There are no offers for Clout, Resellers or WordPress Hosted. Missing month-by-month webcasts.

Tight e-mail amount with certain schedules. HostMosnter is a web server that can do the work if you only need the basic without many extended features. You just have to be conscious that there are much better possibilities. When you need a web host for commercial or private purposes, visit HostMonster - but be conscious of the lack.

HostsMonster does not provide web host every three months, which is a blow to the services. While HostMonster accuses you of some potential cost saving if you register for a two or three-year subscription, those who don't want long term commitment should contact the great HostGator, the Editors' Choice Provider for Sharing Web Hosts, if they want to make payments every monthly.

Basic Shared Hosted Linux-based bundle (starting at $9.49 per Month with an annual contract) offers a free domainname that you can keep as long as you use HostMonster, free domainname download, 50 GB of disk space, limitless free downloads per months, five e-mail account and the option to hosted a unique website.

HostMonster Plus bundle (starting at $12.49 per monthly with an annual contract) offers 150GB of space, the option to service 50 domain names, 100 e-mail addresses, and antispam. Prime Pack ( from $14.99 per Month with an annual contract) outperforms all HostMonster's hosted sharing plan with a single IP addressee, an SSL Certificates and unrestricted web space and e-mail.

HostGator also offers unrestricted memory, e-mail, domains, montly file transfer and Windows-based server. When you need a web host set-up that is more efficient than a shared web host, but cheaper than dedicate web host, HostMonster offers very good Linux-based VPS bundles from $29 per months. Whatever level you choose - a grand total of four - you can receive an infinite number of emails and a freeomainname.

$29. 99 per standard months schedule including 2GBAM, 30GB memory and 1TB per months transmission. Enhanced package expands your memory, RAM and file transfer to 4GB, 60GB and 2TB per months. The next is the $89.99 per months premium subscription that comes with 6GB of random access memory, 90GB of memory and 2TB of transfer capacity per months.

At $119 a month, the Top Animal Ultimate pack gives you 8GB of random access memory, 120GB of disk space, and 3TB of free transfer capacity per months. These are good intentions, but our Editors' Choice for VPS Hosted, Hostwinds, outperforms them with boundless downloads per months and Windows-based choices that start at $13.50 per months.

When you consider HostMonster's committed server (starting at $109 per month), you have a wide range of configuration options to select from. They can be equipped with a Linux-based OS and up to 1,000 GB of disk storage, 16 GB of random access memory and 15 Tbytes of file transfer per months - approximately the same specifications as Bluehost's devoted web hosters ( the web hosters have the same mother company).

Unfortunately HostMonster is missing the optimised WordPress host. My support representative (more on this in a moment) told me to review the offers from BlueHost, as this is HostMonster's sistersite. Instead, I suggest visiting TMD Hosting, the Editors' Choice for WordPress Hosting. TMD's pre-configured WordPress enviroment (starting at $8.95 per month) includes many WordPress-friendly capabilities, plus real-time painting security and coded plug-ins to improve your viewing experiences.

Also HostMonster does not provide clustering. HostMonster also has no hosting plan for resellers, as you might think. It' s our Editors' Choice item for the categorie, so you should definitely check it out. The HostMonster offers you several website creation utilities, among them Weebly, a well-known selection among web-based website builder.

HosterMonster provides Mojo Marketplace with e-mail marketplace utilities such as DaDa Mail (starting at $34.95 per year), where you can submit e-mail-based newsletter to a subscriptionist. HostedMonster web hosting plans have a number of safety functions, such as anti-spam and hot link block. However, if you want higher levels of anti-spam coverage, enroll in the HostMonster Business Plus bundle, which comes with an SSL Certificates and two types of anti-spam coverage.

HostMonster e-mail leverages DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) technologies for additional protection. The availability of the website is one of the most important features of a web site host. I used a website monitor for this test to monitor the operation time of my HostMonster host test page over a 14-day timeframe.

Figures showed that HostMonster is very robust; it did not even go down during the trial time. One day a weekday afternoon, I called HostMonster Technical Assistance (via webchat) to ask a sales rep about the difference between the company's different offers. Later, I lit the webcam on a day of the week in the mornings to ask a salesman how to get my set-up into HostMonster.

HostMonster hosted packs come with a 30-day money-back warranty, but Dreamhost offers a one-up with an amazing 97-day payback time. The HostMonster is good at what it does, but unfortunately it doesn't have the enhanced WordPress, Reseller and Cloud capabilities that would support it in competition with the big guys. In addition, the absence of price schedules from month to month can lead to some people not being able to work.

HostMosnter is a web hosting service that can do the work if you only need the basic without many extended features. You just have to be conscious that there are much better possibilities.

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