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The HostPapa plans are ideal for some, but not for all. First Steps with Website Builder HostPapa's Website Builder welcomes you! Website Builder lets you build a nice, fast-response website using hundred of professional-looking template designs of your choosing. Describes the fundamentals of using the HostPapa Website Builder to build and deploy a simple, fully operational website. Sign in to your HostPapa Dashboard and click My Services.

Open the Website Tools section and click Next to the website you want to build with Website Builder. Click Start in the Advanced Product/Service Detail section. Or, you can start Website Builder from your HostPapa Dashboard by going to My Website, and then click Start. When you first start Website Builder, you will see the template gallery.

Move the pointer over the picture and click Show details to see a detailed explanation of the picture and its functions. Notice that the Website Builder contains many styles that are not shown in the Style Gallery, and you can always display extra styles or modify your style at any point by opening the Style > Custom Style function.

If you choose a style sheet, click Use this style sheet. Alternatively, you can click Preview Alive to view a full-size example page with the original. Type in the name of your website and click Next. The name can be changed later if necessary. Include your contacts that appear on the Contacts page of your website and click Finish Setup.

Thank you. If you don't want to enter any contacts, click No, I'll do it later. Now your website is waiting for you to create and adapt your contents! Create your website with a home page (also known as an index page), an overview page, and, if you've added your contacts, a contacts page.

Prior to starting to customize your website and add contents, we will familiarize ourselves with the Website Builder UI. Home Page - Click the home page button to go back to the home page, where you can select to display your website analysis, shop/e-commerce choices (available in the Website Builder Enterprise map ), or go back to the Website Builder.

Saving or publishing - Click Submit to store the latest changes. To bring your website online up to date, click Publish. Web Builder Menu - These menu items give you all the great features of the Web Builder. Widget - Easily include your website without writing coding.

Stylish - Access all the functions related to the look and feel of your website. You can open the Styles Designer, modify your template, banner and wallpaper and modify your own custom styles. Add or remove pages or modify the page layouts. Preferences - Modify the site preferences, passwords, contact information, tracing, and publication choices.

Navigate - Here you can move pages using dragging and dropping to refresh your page navigations. Menue Bar - Toolbars provide easy acces to certain features and changes based on which Website Builder menus are on. You can use it to modify text attributes such as fonts, color, and resize, make listings, link to other text, and insert pictures.

Feature Keys - Click here to update the page, open the Styles Designer, or switch to full size display modus. Wide block - a block of contents generated when you drop wide pages onto the page. Let us now make a stylistic modification and modify the standard contents. An index page is the home page of your website and the first page your users see, so it is important that the contents are up-to-date and appealing.

From the drop-down list, click Page, and then choose Index. Choose the text of the paragraphs below and modify it. Let's color the head text now. We have several headings of the same layer on this page and we want to modify them all at once, so instead of modifying the color in the text edit bar, we'll do it in Style Designer.

Select Styles > Designers. Check out some of these other ways you can tailor your website builder content: Continue to include other categories or modify category 3 to category 2. Modify the text orientation to the right, centered, or centered. Insert a hyperlink to another page on your website or to another website.

Modify the page layouts to include or exclude column. The Website Builder will create a few standard pages for you but you will want to create some of your own and probably also want to erase them. Website Builder Starters have three pages, while other sites have limitless pages.

Click the New Page button on the Page drop-down list to create new pages. To display a shortcut to this page on the home page, choose Show in Naviation. The new page will contain one or more text widgets and pictures by default, based on your page style.

In order to remove a page, click on the Remove page symbol in the Page pull-down box. Pageavigation is the way your users find pages on your website. The Website Builder navigator provides support for pages and sub-pages. Click on Navigate to modify your pageavigation. In order to rearrange the page listing order, click on any page and move it up or down the page listing.

The following example shows Contact as a sub-page of About. You can click the greens tick to make a page disappear from the menus, or click the reds 'x' to make the page appear in the menus. Use the Edit button to modify the page tag (the name that displays in the menu) and the over text (the text that displays when a person moves over the page tag in the menu).

If you are satisfied with the look and feel of your website, it's your turn to post it! In the top right hand corner of the page, click Submit. When you use the Website Builder Startup Schedule, a notification appears informing you that the release was a success. Every release of Website Builder allows you to verify that the release was a success by going to Settings > Release and get detail about when the website was last released.

With Website-Builder it is simple to build and post a good looking website in just a few simple clicks. Naturally, the Website Builder has other great functions that we didn't cover in this paper. You can find more information about opening a tickets in this section.

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