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As the name suggests, SKT Hotel Lite is a free WordPress theme of the hotel with a focus on hotels, holiday homes, motels, cafes, restaurants, lodges and hospitality. Is this free hotel website template minimal, but is this a big problem? WordPress Hotel Theme is a clean and appealing theme for hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, restaurants, barbecue evenings, barbecue houses, cafes and bakeries. Bring everyone to your hotel with a good location.

Best 27 Hotel WordPress themes with nice designs (2017)

Setting up a website for your hotel doesn't have to be difficult. The WordPress hotel theme makes it simple for you to launch your hotel website, so more travellers can directly reserve your hotel from your website. We' ll show you the best WordPress hotel topics to help you choose the look that's right for your hotel website.

First, you need to make sure that you choose the right website platforms to create your hotel website. is a self-hosted site that offers you the flexibility and a variety of possibilities for adaptation. Every website needs web hostings, this will be the home of your website on the web. You are one of the biggest worldwide hosters and an authorized WordPress host.

You can find more referrals in our Best WordPress Hosting Selection guide. As soon as you have registered for your host, the next stage is the installation of WordPress. Just obey the directions in our Blogs Guides on how to launch a WordPress Blogs Guides and you're up and running in a flash.

Once WordPress is installed, you can choose a theme from our selection of experts from the best WordPress hotel theme sites. Do you need help with the installation of the theme? Please obey our step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a WordPress Theme Tutorial for novices. Let's still take a look at some of the best WordPress hotel topics.

All WordPress topics are completely portable and can be used for free as well as for a fee. The SixtyOne is a wonderful WordPress theme for your hotel. Comes with an integrated reservation inquiry and a very adaptable homepage outlay. On the homepage there is a large slide control, followed by a call to trade.

The hotel has section for adding simple arteries and a complete hotel room managing system. There are also user-defined widgets for your community account and page styles for room, room categories, galery listings, user-defined contacts, locations and bookings. The Bordeaux is a very adaptable WordPress hotel theme. Its homepage design is simple to set up, and it has built-in customization capabilities for real-time themes that allow you to adjust theme preferences with a real-time previewer.

Comes with a wonderful homepage slide with call to Action badge, contacts and several page masters. The Marea is a WordPress theme specifically developed for hotel, motel and website use. There is a large homepage slide with call to action button. And it comes with nice picture gallery and tonnes of shortcuts to simply insert items into your WordPress pages.

Support ing all major third-party reservation systems. The Sun Resort is an elegantly designed and simple to use WordPress hotel theme. Comes with a nice homepage design with a big slide control with call to action buttons. What's more, it comes with a nice homepage look and feel. There is a built-in reservation enquiry page that allows your guests to make enquiries directly from your website.

There are several kinds of contents to simply append rooms, galeries, rides, videos, endorsements and addedgets. The Welcome Inn is a WordPress theme for hotel, resort, B&B and holiday accommodation. Up-to-date hotel templates, ski resort templates and beautifully designed spas. Delivered with an integrated booking formula, slide controls, enquiry forms and multi-lingual technical assistance.

Another WordPress theme developed specifically for hotel Web sites is Imperial. Comes with integrated template to attach folder, galleries and recommendation pages. The Santorini Resort is a WordPress theme for hotel, resort, rental, guesthouse, etc.. Comes with an integrated reservation template and a room administration system. This homepage has a large slide control with call to Action buttons.

Contains chapters where you can simply create rooms, galeries, rides, videos, endorsements and more. Homepage layouts are simple to set up and offer a variety of customisation possibilities. The Arcadia is a WordPress theme for hotel, motel and website sites. There is a large full-screen slide bar, user-defined background, user-defined header and a variety of adjustment possibilities.

It' easy to customize the design with the Living Customizing tool and make your own colour scheme. Comes with an integrated reservation forms style sheet and you can also seamlessly incorporate third-party transaction processing utilities. And it has customized Widgets for integrating your favorite content with your site and several page styles for different areas of your site.

The HotelEngine Classy is a high-performance and extremely adaptable WordPress theme for hotel, resort and hospitability sites. On the title page there is a nice full-screen slide control with a reservation sheet at the bottom of the page. There are also credentials, user-defined logos, several colour scheme and eastern to use the theme option panels.

It is a WordPress theme with many functions for web sites, hotel and tourism companies. There is a large and broad slide control on the front. Adaptable reservation forms engine that offers outstanding usability on all machines. Comes with a high-performance theme option pane that simplifies management and setup.

The Palermo is an elegant WordPress hotel theme. There is a two-column lay-out with a tacky side bar and a full-screen wallpaper. It is possible to use a frame or a slide bar as the backdrop. Comes with rooms, galeries, restaurant facilities and directional page masters. There is also a built-in section for field reports, a contacts page, rides and rides, and a blogs section.

The Imperial is a nice WordPress theme for hotel bookings with a two-column, solid side bar outline. Supplied with ready-to-use artwork for sites such as rides, endorsements, picture galeries, rooms and prices, accommodations, etc. There is a seperate page for the blogs section, a homepage and a sturdy option pane for a topic. Mount Olympus is another WordPress hotel theme for resort rooms, hotel rooms, holiday apartments, etc..

There is a nice big homepage slide with an overlays for the reservation forms and a call to call key. And it comes with tonnes of adjustment choices and has section to simply append rooms, rides, art galleries, endorsements, etc. Homepage layouts can be set up simply with a simple Drag-and-Drop layouts constructor. The HotelEngine Comfy is a wonderfully processed WordPress theme for hotel.

There is a built-in hotel room reservation sheet and a room administration section. There are nice picture galeries and slider controls that allow you to attach pictures of your rooms and close by sights. Features a variety of colour themes, user-defined broadgets and a high-performance theme option pane. The Prestige is a wonderfully crafted WordPress theme for hotel, motel, restaurant and holiday-related sites.

Allows you to create your homepage layouts using user-defined Widgets in the Livingustomizer. There are also several page styles for different areas of your website. The Zermatt WordPress theme is breathtakingly attractive for hotel, hostel, apartment and holiday home rentals. There is a full screen homepage slide with call to action buttons.

Comes with a built-in reservation sheet and a room area. There are a number of customisation options in Zermatt that you can use to really customise the theme. There are many customized Widget for your needs like online search, online search, online search, online search, social media, booking form, galleries, etc. This is also supplied with a pull & dropdown homepage layouts generator. Theme for WordPress hotel web sites has an integrated room reservation system.

Has a widgettized home page, which means you can move the widget by dragging and dropping to make your own home page outline. It' s full of functions that the hotel website may need, such as a service area, events calendars, multi-lingual supports, advertising rates, etc. The Philoxenia is a classy WordPress hotel theme with a wonderful theme and nice colours.

Regarding the functions, you will receive a fully functioning reservation system, a room rental system, nice picture gallery, video, etc... Setting up the theme is quite simple with dragging and dropping the homepage layouts and the theme option panels. Comes with several colour themes and has user-defined page styles and user-defined Widgets.

The Woods Hotel is a WordPress Hotel theme with built-in reservation and room administration system. It' easy to append rooms, furnishings, accessories, image galeries to your website to make it a great viewing area. Comes with a page creator that drags and drops with a number of layouts options and added contents module.

Travelling Stories is an elegantly designed WordPress theme for web sites for travelling, hiking and hotels. One of the theme's major features is its homepage, which uses large pictures in a raster lay-out with a large headers above and a call to action. What's more, it also has a large number of pictures that can be used to display the theme. Works with all major third-party reservation engines and comes with full customizable theme delivery.

The hotel is a free WordPress theme for hotel, tourist sites, B&B, etc.. There is a classical two-column lay-out with large pictures. Works well with third-party reservation plug-ins and WordPress Shape builder plug-ins. So you can create your hotel website with the help of plug-ins, without having to rely on a theme.

The WordPress Hotel theme comes with a nice slide control and wallpaper on the homepage. The program also provides support for WPML multi-lingual websites and is available in various colour scheme. The hotel is a wonderful WordPress hotel theme with pallax scroll on the homepage. Google Maps is also integrated to display your hotel site on a large card.

There are also nice picture galeries with several layouts. There is a nice templates for galeries, several layouts, several sidebars as well as wide widget-capable areas.

It is a versatile WordPress theme that is ideally suited for hotel, tourist and tourist sites. The WordPress theme is delivered with several page layout options. There are 10 demonstration website template, one of which is a demonstration of the hotel website. Incorporates third-party room reservation system. There is also a pagebuilder, nice picture gallery and a testimonial section.

The HotelMotel is a contemporary, classy, appealing WordPress theme for hotel and lodging web sites. The system has several colour selections, an integrated reservation template that can be substituted by a third-party reservation system if required. Local is a high-performance WordPress folder motif for web sites for travelling, hiking and hotel. There is an integrated directories engine that allows you to locate local hotel, stores, restaurants, caf├ęs and other local amenities.

There comes with a beautiful presentation of the deals on the front page in a raster with large pictures. And it comes with trial and error files that you can easily get going. Hopefully this item has help you choose the best WordPress hotel motif for your website.

Also you can see our step-by-step WordPress sentence editor WordPress Server Edition for newcomers. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress Videos tutorial if you liked this one.

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