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Please read this first to make sure that you select the correct Website Builder. Take a look at our collection of top platforms to create a hotel or B&B website. What Website Builders are Ideal for a Hotel Website? Is there a free website builder for hotels?

Web site builder for hotels & accommodation rentals.

Which is the best website builder for B&Bs and small hotels?

Your little hotel needs a website. It is the pivotal to building your corporate image and boosting your travel booking from travellers around the world. Now you have to choose which Website Builder you want to use. Before investing in a Website Builder, we make all the information you need available to you.

What do you need a Website Builder for? Creating a website from the ground up can be cumbersome, annoying and costly - especially if you're not an experienced web design professional. By the end of the afternoon, you may be spending a great deal of your precious hours, dollars and efforts just to end up with a website that isn't looking good or user-friendly and makes you look good:

The ownership and operation of a small hotel requires enough ado. So, it's best to work with a website builder that lets you build a personalised website with ease. It' not only more accessible to build, it's also simpler to wait because you have the ability to refresh your website whenever you want or need to - without having to go through a web design.

Whilst free website builder such as WordPress are available, the functions available to you are restricted and you may have to purchase a web designer to add extra functions to your website (e.g. a book engine). In this case, it might be more advantageous for your company to buy a website builder.

Payed website builder will give you more versatility and additional functionality that you can deploy on your website. It will help your company, because you can design an individual solution that better mirrors your small hotel. But many of the most beloved payed website builder, such as Wix, are generically and not targeted at a particular sector.

You have e-commerce capabilities, but trolleys are good for retail - not hotel. Payed website builder are available that are specifically designed for hotel use. Some of them, however, are OTA held and we firmly believe that you should maintain your ownership of your live channels and prevent such partnerships with them.

You not only receive a provision for reservations you make on your own website, but you also give a third person full access to all your guests' information. It is the only all-in-one hotel management software specifically designed for small hotel owners, consisting of a front desk system, reservation machine, website and channels management.

To say nothing of the fact that no knowledge of designing is needed to build a nice, fun and efficient website!

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