How do I Create a website for free

Can I create a free website?

Creating a WEBSITE for free! Founder and Director of Blue Lightning TV, Marty Geller has a long history of on-air and printing work for the TV and consumer electronics industry. Customers include NBC, ABC, CBS, VH-1, advertisers, local journals, record companies and large publishing houses. Among his TV works are "Late night with Conan O'Brien", "Saturday Nacht Live", "Dateline NBC", "Today", VH-1 and Paramount TV.

He has cover art, cover art, logos as well as his artwork have been featured in the books "Psychology Today" and "New York" and on theatre billboards published on Broadway and at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. He has won Emmy Prizes for his TV work and a number of print industry accolades.

Creating your own website for free

But the easiest way would be to run the site on your own servers and use your own Internet Protocol (IP) number ( provided by your ISP) as your name. Under What is my Internet Protocol Identifier you will find your Internet Protocol Identifier. Next, you need to configure your computer as a web proxy, which generally means that you are going to install Windows based version of Windows based version of IS, or Apache/NGINX based version of Windows based version of IS on your system.

They can also PHP, Python installed or simply use ASP.NET to create your website, or even use a text editors and static.html pages. Ensure that you have a good virus scanner or simply use a second computer as your web proxy instead of your primary system. Personally, I have a Dell Alienware high-performance desk top computer that I use for general purpose, but a low-cost MSI Wind minidesktop as a web serving.

There is no keypad, screen or computer mount connected to this minidesktop and I can connect to it via my own laptop via my favorite USB key. Alternatively, you can sign up for a free Google Accounts subscription. Use Google Sites to create your own website.

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