How do I Download Themes

Do I download topics?

To download, install, debug, and delete themes from the Windows Store Windows 10 Creators Update includes installation choices for installing desktops designs for the OS from the built-in Windows Store. When Microsoft announced the Windows 7 OS, it implemented fundamental design adjustment features. You can use these settings to customize your background, color, sound, and less than a fistful of other adjustment settings.

That made it simple for anyone to modify some of the OS's viewing functions, but was far from the adjustment choices that would bring complete themes to the fore. This same system, although with some small enhancements, is still running under Microsoft's Windows 10OS. The Creators Update allows Windows 10 patrons to download themes from the Windows Store.

Topics provided by Microsoft were previously available for download from the Microsoft Web site. That changes with the publication of the Creators Update, as themes are now available in the shop. However, Microsoft unfortunately chose to suppress the theme in the shop. When you open the Windows Shop on a system that is running the Creators Update, you won't find any themes there.

Accessing the topic categories from the Settings tab is the only way to do this. Right click on the Windows desktop and choose Personalize from the drop-down list. It opens the Personalization of the Settings group. When opening, change to the topics on the right. On the page that opens, browse to the "Apply a theme" section and click the "Show more themes in the shop" link. Once there, click the "Apply a theme" area.

The Windows Themes section of the Windows Store opens. Use the Windows Themes section of the Windows Store to list topics with miniaturized views, titles, and custom scores. It is not possible to download and reinstall a design directly from the overviews. To open the Windows Shop page, click a topic that interests you.

More information, a short explanation, more screen shots, compatibilities or the name of the creator are available on the page. Be aware that Windows 10 does not change to the new design by default. Please check the following Click Start or reopen the Settings topic area of the Settings program to reapply the topic you just download.

Clicking on the topic there makes it the topic of the system. Change to other themes mentioned there, e.g. to return to the standard topic if you don't like the topic you just download. So, how do you deinstall Windows 10 themes that you download this way?

You' ve got two choices for that. Firstly, you can right-click on any topic that is not currently in use and select Clear from the shortcut that opens to clear it. Erase deinstalls the design from the computer. You have the second choice to uninstall the design from the uninstall tool.

Start the Settings with Windows I and go toApps > Apps & Feature. To find the design you have already, you can navigate through the alphabetical order of applications and applications that have been added, use the Find function, or click Install Date. You can also move it if you have limited storage and want to move all your designs to another hard drive or another computer partitions.

So now you: Do you run standard themes, build your own or run third-party themes? Windows 10 Creators Update includes installation choices for installing desktops designs for the OS from the built-in Windows Store.

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