How do I Upload a Theme to my Wordpress Blog

Can I upload a topic to my Wordpress blog?

WordPress theme is a website template for a blog. and you want to install it in your self-hosted WordPress blog. So, if the worst comes to the worst, I will upload the unzipped folder directly to my server. Like in my case, I searched for the topic Oneline, which you can see in the picture below. You can zip it and upload it via WordPress or upload the unzipped folder via FTP once you have found it.

Installing a WordPress theme on your blog

Here I will describe how to add a WordPress theme to your blog. WordPress theme is a website submission for a blog. Both free and premier topics are available that can be used on WordPress pages. Whatever theme you use for your website, it doesn't change the basic piece of it.

The only thing a theme does is change the way a WordPress page is presented. Topics List gives you a large selection of topics you don't have to buy. They can also select your free theme based on topics such as vacation, photoblogging and season.

Sign in to your WordPress Dashboard. Please click on Topics. The next page shows the available topics. Press the Activate icon for the topic you want to activate. Keep in mind that you already have a design installation, enabling a new design will quickly alter the look and feel of your WordPress page. Therefore you should exercise care when changing to new topics so that you do not have any mismatches.

To use a design that is not available in the theme folder, or to have purchased (and downloaded) a premier design, you can also upload it through WP Admin. Sign in to your WordPress Dashboard. Please click on Topics. On the Upload screen, click Upload. Use the Enable button to enable the topic.

Hopefully you have found this posting on how to upload a topic to your WordPress blog.

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