How do I use a Wordpress Theme

Use a Wordpress theme how?

on how to install a WordPress theme (free and premium); additional theme setup: No doubt WordPress is my preferred CMS for building a website, partly because of its ease of use and flexibility. Let's take our newly acquired knowledge and use it on a WordPress page.

Using WordPress Theme

Explains how to use the WP Admin Panel to modify WordPress theme settings. You can change the logo picture address under Appearance >> Topic Option >> Logo Picture Address. As a rule, a vertikal submenu is a subsidiary navigational area of the website. Perpendicular menus are widgets, so they can only be added from a WordPress backend.

In order to create a vertical pull-down list, change from the topic in the upper part of the screen to "WordPress Admin Panel". Navigate to Appearance window >> Broadcasts and move the "Vertical Menu" Widget to the required area of the Widget by dragging and dropping it (usually a primary area of the Widget). The top level submenu is a submenu that usually contains menus such as "Site Admin" and "Login/Logout".

It can also be used as a second level vertical meal. In order to insert the Top menu command, go to Select Top Menus >> Navigate >> Top Menus. In order to be able to work on the top menus in a CMS backend, click on "Apply design to CMS" in the top menus area of the topic. Notice that the top entries "Site Admin" and "Log in/Log out" cannot be processed in the WordPress backend, but it is possible to insert different options instead of "Site Admin" and "Log in/Log out".

Thus, the top menus can also be used as a second set of horizontally oriented menus. Just click the "Upper Navigation" button for the required navigation if you edit it under Look >> Topics. "Auto append new top-level pages to this menu" if you want all newly added pages in the near term to be added to this one.

In order to display the available widgets from the WordPress backend, go to Appearance > Widgets. Use Drag & Drops to drag the required Widget into one of the areas of the widget to enable it. You can use the Sidebar controls from Add Controls >> Other to add new Widget Areas. As soon as you place it anywhere in a topic, a new Widget Area will be made.

In the topic in the upper menu area, click on "Apply topic to CMS" and then on "WordPress Admin Panel" to change to the WordPress backend. To see a new "Sidebar-1 Widget Area", go to Appearance menu >> Widgets: You can use the Footer widget area controls to add new widget areas to the footer. These are some of the choices you may not be familiar with:

When you go to Look >> Topic Option, you will find some additional design customization options: They can select a "default meal source" in the topic settings. Displays when the Look >> Feel >> Menu page >> Main Screen is not selected.

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