How do you Create a Blog

Creating a Blog

In the world of work, something big has happened. Creating a blog with Blogger.Com. Helen Mongan-Rallis and Bruce Reeves. Today, most people create blogs for various reasons.

Each person has a story to tell.

Choose Merchandising > Blog from the menu on the right.

Choose Merchandising > Blog from the side bar on the right. In order to modify the settings for an already created blog, choose the corresponding blog from the drop-down list in the top right or click Create New Blog to create a new blog. Type the name of your blog in the Blog Name box. When your blog submissions use the tags for the audience track in the headers, include the track you want to appear in your headers in the Blog Headers area.

Complete the Page heading of the blog form. Type the blog's metadata in the Metadata text entry area. Here is the abstract that will appear in the results of your blog's searching engines. In the Blog root field, create the blog address and address for your blog. You can use the drop-down list to choose the domains where your blog will be hosted. Click on the links below to view a list of the domains.

When you want to create a sub-directory (e.g. /blog or /news), type the sub-directory you want in the box. It is the address of your blog entry page and the master address of your blog entries. Now you are prepared to publish your first blog entry on the new blog.

Browse to Content > Blog to see the blog page summary. To create a new blog entry, click the Create blog Post icon in the upper right hand corner. Click the Create blog posting icon in the upper right hand corner. 2.

Creating a Blog with Blogger.Com

Now if you don't have a personal subscription to your email address, create a new one. One of the most important things you can do is create a blog with Google bloggers. Now click on the yellow arrows with the text "Create your blog now". "On the Create a Google Account page, type the information you need, namely:

Type in your e-mail alias that should be the one you want to use to be matched with the blog you are going to create[must not be your formal educational e-mail adress. You have to type your e-mail in the second field again. Type the username (it's a good idea writing it down in a secure place - or send it to yourself by e-mail and store the e-mail so you can retrieve it later if you forgot it).

The purpose of this is to make sure that the blog is made by a single individual and is not automated by a computer. In the " Name your blog " screen: Blogs address: Select something you'll want to recall and enter with ease. In the Select a Preset screen: Browse through the choices and click on the small selection knob next to the name of the selected preset. e.g. I have selected the Picture preset.

The " Your blog has just been created" page appears: Begin your input and use the formatter at the top to reformat your item. For example, you can create fonts, text sizes, fonts, colors, orientation, orientation, create hyperlinks, and more. Once you are done, click on "Publish Post" and as soon as you have uploaded an item, a message will appear saying "Your blog posting has been successfully uploaded!

" In order to see the results, click on the View Blog button. "To return to your blog so that you can post a new post or modify the current blog, click the small yellow "B" next to the lookup box at the top of your screen.

When you are already signed in, you will be taken to your Blog Dashboard. When you are not signed in, you must first sign in (using the username and passphrase you established when you started creating your blog - so it is important to note what this is when you create your blog for the first time).

To publish a blog, click on the Publish Mail icon (which will take you to the "Your blog posted successfully" screen and from there click on "View Blog"). Click on the "Browse" icon. Suggestion: Go small or middle, but don't go big because it will take too long to upload the blog.

Press the "Upload image" pushbutton. If you want to blog again on another date, just go to --> at the top of the page that opens, you'll see "Sign up to use bloggers with your Google Account. "Enter your user name and your login name ( which you set up in 3 above).

Please click on "Subscribe" to publish a blog comment: As soon as you are in a person's blog, click on the "Post comment" button that usually pops up under their blog name. Thereby a annotation is opened in the text field. It is useful to click on the next page that says "Show me my mail " because it allows you to see what the individual has written in their blog as you write your comments.

Please click in the annotation field and fill in your annotations. Fill in your username and username and then click the green "Sign in and Publish" icon (Reason: To add a weblog blog to your blog, you need your own weblogger account).

When you are already signed in, all you have to do is click on the "Publish comment" link.

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