How do you Install Wordpress

Instructions for installing Wordpress

Installing WordPress Describes in detail how to install WordPress on your web host using this step-by-step guide. If you want to manually install the latest WordPress release, please adhere to these policies. In order to begin the install procedure, you must first install WordPress from the WordPress Downloads page. It is recommended that you always install and install the latest robust WordPress release.

When you click the Download the latest WordPress release icon, the installer pack will be stored on your computer. Find the installer you just download and unpack it to a new directory. Now you need to download the recovered data and directories to your webhost.

FTP is the simplest way to download the installers. You can find more information about uploading FTP documents in our FTP tutorial. When you want your WordPress to be the primary install on your computer and reachable through your primary web address (e.g., you need to add the recovered WordPress file to your public_html-directory.

You can, however, at any time set up a sub-folder (e.g. public_html/blog) if you only want to run part of your website on WordPress. Now you have to build a MySQL data base and allocate it a MySQL operator with full privileges. You can find details on how to do this in our MySQL username and databases creation tutorial.

When you have finished creating your MySQL and user databases, make sure you note the name of the MySQL and user databases, and the passwords you have just made. These are required for the installer. It' s now your turn to browse to your website and begin the install. When you have added WordPress to your public_html folder, you must go to in your favorite web browsers.

First, you will see a dialog box in which you have to select the WordPress preferred by you from a pre-defined selection of available WordPress tongues. The next page will display a prompt asking you to provide the necessary information for the install. As we already have this information, just click the Let's Go! buttons.

Type the detail for your new MySQL data base and click the Submit pushbutton. The next page requires you to fill in the information about your admin user name and the name of your new website. When you have entered this information, click the Install WordPress icon. The new WordPress software is now in use.

The Sign In pushbutton allows you to connect to your admin back-end and begin publishing on your new website.

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