How do you Set up a Blog

What is the best way to set up a blog?

This simple guide is for beginners only and contains pictures, videos and personal support from me. Here you set up your mother blog by following these steps: Press the Create Your Blog Now button. Enter the name of your blog in the Blog Title field. Select the right blogging platform for your new blog.

"This is how you set up a blog"

Watch this beginner's manual to learn exactly how to set up a blog (or website) from beginning to end. I omitted everything you don't need to know so you can get your blog up and running as quickly as possible. The creation of a website and its operation in this way will costs you a staggering $3-4 per monthly ($2 if you are in the UK).

It' simple to set up a blog by following this guideline, but if you ever get bogged down, you can send me an e-mail, and I'll let you know what you need to do. All the information in this manual is free of charge. In order to set up a blog, you just have to do these two things:

Register for webhosting and select a domainname (e.g. You can use WordPress to build your blog. I' ll be explaining how webhosts work and how to build a blog in the second and third stages of this website. Stage 4 (Additional Information) provides a lot of general information about how to set up a site/blog, and Stage 5 (Start Making Your Site) provides the real directions you need to obey to set up your blog.

Create your new Google Blogger Blog.

Once you've logged in to Google Blogger (or if you already have a Google account after you've logged in), you'll be redirected to the Blogger Dashboard. Here you set up your mother blog by following these steps: Press the Make Your Blog Now icon. Enter the name of your blog in the Blog Title box.

Type your Blogger URL in the Blog Address (URL) box and click the Verify Reliability button. Once you are all set up, you can set up your own domainname to refer to your Blogger blog under the Settings page in the Publishing section. Google suggests alternative available addresses if the address is already assigned.

When the Blogger URL ( is available, click the Proceed Button. Select a style that comes as close as possible to the look of your blog. To begin postings, click the Launch Blogging Button, or to proceed with work on your submission, click the Customize What Your Blog Looks Like Link.

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