How much is Squarespace a year

What is Squarespace per year?

Most of the time SquareSpace only existed as a website builder. Pretty good, huh? What are you going to pay for Squarespace? Yes, but with additional costs: Storeify's approach to SEO is much better than that of Squarespace.

The reason why you should NOT get your domainname from Squarespace

Many things you can enjoy about Squarespace, but it's not part of getting your own from it. For me, when it comes to straightforward, up-to-date and easy-to-manage sites, everything revolves around Squarespace. If you think you're going to save yourself a lot of cash by getting everything through Squarespace, you're mistaken! Because all Squarespace subscriptions plan includes a free customized domainname, for example, is the registration of your domainname through this a good business of course?

Initially, the free promoted top level domainname is only for the first year AND only if you sign up for theirs. When you don't see the small print, you might think it's free for a lifetime, and that's exactly what Squarespace wants you to believe: Any Squarespace website plan bought for an annuity period includes one (1) year of free registrations for available top levelomains at our lowest price level.

After the first year, registrations of your preferred brand will be renewed at our default tariff. Beyond this offering, you can add an infinite number of dollars to any Squarespace subscription on a month or year base. One more noteworthy thing is that Squarespace is not the least expensive one. After the first year, a normal top-level squarespaceomain is 20 US dollars.

As Squarespace tries to persuade you that other domains are charging $100 per year for the same domains, it's just not the case! For example, a fast lookup for the top-level domains "" shows that the price ranges from $0.88//a (for namecheap) to $12/a (most often), with performance levels ranging.

Accept Google Domains. Now you can sign up "" for $12 and extend it every year for the same amount. Let's say you plan to keep your domainname for 10 years: if you registered it through Squarespace, you would spend 180 dollars only on the domainname; but you would save 60 dollars if you did it through Google Domains.

It only applies to genuine top-level names such as . com, . org and .net. Using new Top-Domains like mine (like . Image, . Photo, . Studio, Yes Shop, . Buy, . Boutique and . Graphic, to name a few), Squarespace can be twice as pricey as the same one that you are registering with Google.

If you are communicating with customers, an e-mail with your own domains immediately enhances your professionality. Whilst many domains registration offices allow you to set up several user-defined e-mail addresses for free, at Squarespace the only way to have a user-defined e-mail is to register for G Suite.

That may not seem like much, but why should you want to buy something when you can get it for free? Let's do the mathematics again: Over the ten-year period you would spend at least $780 more - $60 + $5 x 12 x 10- if you had your domains on Squarespace register. These are the three most important things you should NOT get a Squarespace if you want to spend a few hundred dollars on better usage.

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