How much is Zoho

What does Zoho cost?

The Zoho offers a free subscription and four paid plans: The drag-and-drop template editor of Zoho CRM makes the task much easier and faster. Koho Projects price plan: Free for 5 user This 10-day evaluation version offers you practical use of the functions of our chargeable versions. One of our four chargeable schemes can be ordered and tested free of charge. In what language is Zoho Projects available? The Zoho Projects software provides support for 17 different language versions including Czech, Dutch, English (US), Czech, Denmark, French, Germany, Hungarian, Italian, Japan, Portugese, Portuguese Brazil, Russia, Spanish, Sweden, China, Polish, Turkey and Korea.

Are my details private? We strive to keep your information private and protected. 24/7/365 strict safety with CCTV, bio-metric entry and sophisticated fire, flooding and burglary surveillance system. Do you conform to the EU-US Privacy Shield? Our privacy policy complies with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework of the Ministry of Commerce, which governs the gathering, use and storage of personally identifiable information about customers in the European Union.

You can find further information under Privacy Shield Compant. Which methods of payments do you use? Payments are accepted by Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Paypal or bank transfers are also accepted for annual subscription payments. When you register with Zoho Projects, we do not ask for your credentials.

They' re starting with the free map. Keep it that way or upgrading to a higher level at any point. Do I have the option to upgrades up or down at any point? Koho Projects is a pay-as-you-go subscription based payment system (monthly or yearly), so you can always upgrad or downgrade if you are the site holder.

If I downgraded my bankroll, what happens? If you switch from a higher-paid schedule to a lower-paid schedule, you cannot use the functions that apply only to the higher-paid schedule. You will not loose your information, you will only loose your right to it. They can still be used when you upgraded again.

If you switch to a free map, you have full control over two restricted feature sets.

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