How often is Wordpress Updated

What is the frequency with which Wordpress is updated?

 How often should you update plugins? Most of our website customers who use WordPress will be taught to update their plugins and themes themselves. Often this leads to considerable development efficiencies when creating a new website with WordPress. And how often should I update via the WordPress website?

Why and how often should you refresh a WordPress website? - Gregory J Development

WorldPress is a plattform that many folks use for their website (you probably use it) and many folks don't notice that they need to keep their plugins and topics updated. Guys (also known as Blacks Hats) are discovering the latest ways to breach the plugin/theme and ruin the site or keep it as a ringback ( you have to foot the bill to get back into the site), and no one wants to waste time/money to recover, so just go through these easy stages to refresh your site and hopefully (since nothing is 100%) that your site won't be breached.

Check your Dashboard at (replace with your website) and refresh the plug-ins and topics that say they need to be updated. It is recommended that you allow at least 48 hrs to elapse before upgrading a plug-in to make sure it works as it should. And I know that everyone just wants to get it over with and upgrade, but you don't want an upgraded plug-in that doesn't work and corrupts your whole website.

When you have plug-ins that are disabled, they only take up room on your website and consume resource. Lose them to make sure you have a neat and tidy website. WordPress Wordfence is a WordPress plug-in that helps protect your website and provides warnings to keep you up to date.

If you need help with your WordPress page, there are many instructions and Tutorials available on-line, just searchogle " ____ (Problem) Wordpress".

And how often should I refresh WordPress, plug-ins and topics?

Whenever a new WordPress fix is published, we are asked the same question. Shall I upgrade WordPress to the latest one?  How often should I perform plug-in upgrades? Every new WordPress product developer fixes errors, adds functionality, and patches holes. So, if you don't make an upgrade, your site is obviously at stake.

All of us have different needs, which WordPress cannot meet immediately. Where do you know if WordPress, plug-in or topic upgrades are available? Sign in to your WordPress Dashboard and you will see a small ring when new downloads are available. WordPress, plug-in and topic updating can be performed from here with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can also update your WordPress application to the latest version.

Be sure to make a back-up. You can also use a number of WordPress Back Up plug-ins. Automatic everyday Backups of your WordPress topics, plug-ins, uploads and databases are important. You will also want to be able to recover every single 30-day back-up. Did you install a large number of plug-ins?

With more plug-ins, you'll get a higher rate of updating, so check your plug-ins regularly and delete any that you don't really need. The same applies to topics, so please delete the standard designs "twenty thirteen", "twenty fourteen", "twenty fifteen", "twenty fifteen", "twenty sixteen" if they are not used. A few of these plug-ins are no longer available and will never be updated again.

Review your page and when you see the news below, substitute it with alternate plug-in supports. Please always type in a licensing code for your plug-ins. Purchase a free copy, even if it comes with your design, to allow updating and help the developer. And how often should I update?

Failure to upgrade will ensure that you will be compromised earlier rather than later. Every shopkeeper who has been through it will tell you that this is not a nice place to be. Occasionally, after updating, things may go awry or stop working. In this case, it is worth having a back-up, or even better, support from the WordPress experts who will help you upgrade.

Keep your WordPress site up to date and you' ll be saving long term savings.

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