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Platform Administration Time Configuration Time Zones Specify a system time zone. Timezones - How time works Everybody on the planets wants the midday Sonne to be at its highest point in the heavens (above the meridian). This would be unfeasible if there were only one time region, as the earth turns 15° every time. It is the concept behind several time belts to split the globe into 24 15-degree shifts and adjust the watches in each of them.

Everyone in a given area sets their watches in the same way, and each area is one different second. There are four time zones in the United States ( click here for a map): East, Middle, Mountain and Pacific. If it is midday in the east time band, it is 11 am in the center time band, 10 am in the mountain time band and 9 am in the Pacific time band.

Every time zoning is done from a base at the Greenwich Observatory. That point is known as the Greenwich meridian or prime meridian. The time at the Greenwich meridian is called Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or Universal Time. In the United States, the east time region is referred to as GMT minus five consecutive hour periods.

If it'?s lunchtime in the east time zones, it's 5:00 at Greenwich Observatory. IDL is on the opposite side of the Greenwich Observatory planetary grid. What makes the Greenwich Observatory such a big thing? At a 1884 meeting, a number of observers proclaimed the Greenwich Observatory the primary commercial area.

It' s amusing that the observation tower was relocated to Sussex in the fifties, but the primary location is still the same.

Setting a System Time Zones

Define your system time zones with a system characteristic. The time is saved in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), but shown global according to system time zone[] or if specified, according to your preferences. Find the System Time Zones Property for all concurrent contributors unless you are overwritten in the[] contributor's dataset.

America/Los Angeles is the standard if no time zones are specified for this feature. Insert a time area in Land/City or with the name of a time area (e.g. GMT) and click Save. Available readings can be found under Time Zones. This new system time zones will cascade itself to all those who do not yet have a specific time area.

Each time a subscriber chooses a different time zones or the admin chooses a different time zones, the subscriber is mapped to the chosen time zones and the system time zones are no longer used.

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