How to Activate Wordpress Theme from Cpanel

Activating Wordpress theme from Cpanel

Skip to activate the topic in the dashboard. - For the topic, the zip file now appears in the topic directory. Enable the theme in the dashboard. At cPanel our work is done. Look for a topic in the WordPress Dashboard Themes section.

If you want to activate or change WordPress theme from your data base

To help anyone who wants to modify a WordPress theme from the WordPress library, this walkthrough is available as a download. Sometimes, after the installation of a new theme or its update, the theme conflicts with WordPress or plug-ins, resulting in a blank display of the fatal or other conflicting errors. Failure to do so will prevent WordPress user from accessing the WordPress administration area.

It is difficult to modify the WordPress theme without having recourse to the administration area, which is contradictory, but it is possible to modify it from the WordPress data base. WordPress databases are generally saved in the MySQL Relational SQL Server data base manager. This WordPress can be accessed using the commandline or a graphic utility such as ppMyAdmin.

We will do it in this Tutorial with the simple to use phpMyAdmin-Tool, which is free of charge. In order to be able to access your admin tools, you need to login to your web host controls like cPanel, Plesk etc. Here I have shown with cPanel, but the approach is almost the same for other consoles.

Once you have logged in to cPanel and called the admin panel, choose the WordPress site you want from the databases drop-down menu. Click the WP_options worksheet in the WordPress databases you chose. You can find the templates and style sheet selections in the optional_name columns of this workbook. If you want to modify the design, click the optional value of the Templates and Stylesheets checkbox.

On the common display is the value ruby, which is a name for a topic folder that must switch to any WordPress standard topic folder name such as twentyseventeen. Changes the theme to the standard WordPress theme. Rather than find and modify value of templates and style sheet option as described above, you can modify them simply by running the following SQL request.

To do this, simply choose WordPress DB, insert the SQL request above in the SQL table of the DB, and click on the Go icon to run it. Once the request has been run, the following error appears: "Your SQL request was successfully executed", meaning that the topic has been successfully modified.

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