How to Add a Template in Wordpress

Adding a template in Wordpress

From the Pages menu in the WordPress Dashboard, to add a WordPress page template to a page, edit or add a new page. Locate the Page Attributes section. This section displays a list of available page templates.

Enter code in your WordPress template file

Using HTML customization to your WordPress Blog topic, the addition of the template tags to your WordPress topic will smoothen the look and feel of your blogs after you have given your custom fields a name and value. The example shows how to adjust the standard WordPress Twenty Twelve topic.

When you use a different design (and you can find hundreds of different WordPress designs), you need to customize these directions to your specific design. Obey these simple procedure to add the template tags along with a small HTML to make it look beautiful to your design: Sign in to your WordPress Dashboard.

Topic editing page is loaded in the dashboard. Find the template for your design (in this case Twenty Twelve). Available template options are displayed on the right side of the Topic editing page. Select content.php from the template dropdown menu. content.php is opened in the text editors on the leftside of the monitor where you can modify the template from.

Browse down and find the template day that looks like this: Enter the new line below the previous line: Enter the PHP with which the user-defined box works: Enter . Returns the HTML Tags you opened in your 6th steps. At this point, you save the changes you made to the content.php and reload the page with the notification that your changes were successfully stored.

Look at your contribution on your website to see your information on the custom fields. Files should look exactly like the My current month is: happily messages. Now WordPress shows your actual tuning at the bottom of the articles to which you have added the tuning custom field. All of the assembled codes should look like this in your template:

Case sensitivity of the source is important, meaning that the words you enter for the encryption in your custom box must be case sensitive and must correspond to the $key in the source file. If you enter the tuning in the box Keys, for example, the text must be lower case: $key="mood". When you try to modify the case as follows: $key="Mood", the source will not work.

Once you have added the template feature to your template for the custom moods field, you can use the Custom Fields panel to specify your actual moods in any posting you make on your website. The example is just a kind of custom field that you can add to your postings.

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