How to Add Domain in Godaddy

This is how to add a domain in Godaddy

Start the specific hosting account to which you want to add the domain name. Browse down and go to Hosted Domains under Settings. At the top right of this pane, there is an option to add domains. Include this URL, choose FTP or ignore it and save it. What can I do to add a subscription product?

Can I add another website (not a subdomain) to godaddy deluxe hosting accounts?

In order to realize your webhosting plan - Administer. If so, you will find add-on domain names. This domain name will now be under your host. Any application can be used and the website can be created under this domain name under your web site hostings. There will be two sites created in your hosting: The domain must be added via add-on domain.

Step 1: Log in to the apanel. Step 2: Locate and click Addon Domains. Submit domain. 3CLOUDS is recommended for better webcasting. Compared to GoDaddy they are the best! When you have a Linux Sharing Housing scheme, there should be bPanel. I understand they use the bPanel for Linux sharing.

In cPanel you get an optional named "Addon Domain". Allows you to add your new website under the same hosting-account. When godaddy helps you add a new domain, you can add as much as you want. Contacting me, I'll see if it backs up or not?

This is how you create your customized domain in GoDaddy

Because GoDaddy deals with a large number of common Web sites, it is possible that their consultation and assistance may not be consistent with our actions below.... In order to create a customized domain in GoDaddy, first login to your GoDaddy user name. The Records page will appear and you can add a new CNAME entry here by pressing the Add pushbutton in the lower right corner: 5. as displayed, select the CNAME mode; this will be the sub-domain you want to use, such as wwww, course, education, college - this will be attached to the domain when displayed in a webbrowser.

Since many sites use the www preference or name, this dataset may already exists as an'A' dataset or CNAME. If you plan to use'www', it is fine to process this dataset in your GoDaddy DNS entries. Press Save. You can do this by using GoDaddy's Domain Redirection to do this.

Go to your DNA preferences and browse to the Forward section. Next to the domain, click Add to configure your redirection so that Student can connect to your Web site with or without the WWW part of your customized domain: 2. You can now configure domain redirection with the following settings:

Type the new user-defined domain you just create in the text box, for example: As soon as you have done that, store your changes and your website should now be available with or without WWW in the user defined address!

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