How to Add Template in Wordpress

Adding a template in Wordpress

user-defined page template, blank page, Wordpress. That means you can create your own custom page templates and add specific features to individual pages or specific categories. Solliloquy Blog - All about WordPress Slider Would you like to add the WordPress slide bar to your topic file? Occasionally you need to view the picture slide on a template page of your website, and shortcuts don't work there. We will show you in this tutorial how to add an imageslider to the WordPress template page.

The WordPress template pages are the topic file with the source text.

However, you need a plug-in like Soliloquy to build the picture control on your website. With this plug-in you can easily add your picture control to a template page. You need to understand the fundamentals of PHP so that you know where you can place the source on your template page because each WordPress topic is different.

It is also a good idea to make sure you save your WordPress page before you edit your template pages. In order to add an imageslider to the WordPress template page, you must perform these 4 steps: First thing you need to do is download and enable the Soliloquy Viewer plug-in on your WordPress Administrator software client.

Read this easy tutorial to help you get Soliloquy installed in WordPress. Once you have activated the plug-in, you should go to Soliloquy " Add New from your WordPress administrator to add a new slide bar to your website. Begin with the caption and place your pictures in the Native sliders section.

More information about the slide control setting can be found in this tutorial for creating an images slide in WordPress. You will see a new widget as Soliloquy sliders coded. From here, copy the template tags. It is the part of the text you need to add to your topic or template page to view the thumbnail.

From your WordPress administrator back end, go to Appearance " Notepad and modify the clipboard in which you want to display your slide bar. Insert the short code into this template page. Be sure to store the data set. If required, your picture slide bar will be successfully displayed on your WordPress template page. Hopefully this Tutorial has help you understand how to add an imageslider to the WordPress template page.

Or read our 10 reason why you should select Soliloquy as your WordPress slide control plug-in. If your pictures are not placed in searching machines, you should read this WordPress ultimate WordPress sentence editor first. And if you like this example, please join us on Facebook and Twitter for more free WordPress tutorials and ressources.

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