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Learn how to start a blog for free. Millions of blogs are online, enabling people to share their personal and professional opinions. Find out how to create a passive income, the basics of blogging and more. This platform offers an entry point for anyone who wants to start a professional blog with a budget.

Starting a free blog (with pictures)

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Getting a blog started and making a living in October 2018

Getting a blog started and earning a living: Everybody can launch a blog, yes. I suggest launching one here at Siteground for less than $4/month!) But how can you launch a blog and earn cash with it? I' m telling you right now, the best way to get a blog started to make a living is to have a blog planner and actually know what makes blog time.

That'?s not because blogs are worth nothing for cash - far from it! It is because of the fact that humans do not want to acknowledge that to learn how to blog and make cash is just like to learn how to do something else to make it. {\pos (192,210)}(Only with blogs, in the end you get the best damn thing in the world!

I' m afraid when my friends ask me how to launch a blog to make a living, I tell them that there are some things I need to do. It' actually very cheap to launch a blog - about $4/month for a good blog hosting, and then, if you want, you can add another $60-$100 for a blog topic.

Finally, before you begin, you should know that blogs are tough work. They even worked really harder to get where they are. Begin your work! My wish is so strong that I just began my blog 5 years ago when I first became interested in it. It' s almost impossible to believe where I would be NOW if I had just begun.

Launching a blog for cash is one of the least dangerous "businesses" that you can go about alone. By working really hard, I believe that you can launch and expand a profitable blog. I' ve put together my best novice logging post in a 13-lesson course that describes how to launch a blog and make cash - this free course takes you step-by-step through the fundamentals.

So if you've been blogs for a while and find yourself quite at home with the tech side of blogs, go right over to Part 2. Siteground is the right way for your blog host to get started, especially for novices! All I' m recommending is something I used myself on my trip to earn a full-time salary from my blog.

I wish you good fortune on your blogs trip - it's one of the best trips I've ever made - and I really sincerely wish you the same! Section one contains some of the more tech detailed, as well as the question where to launch a blog and earn cash - you don't just want to get it started somewhere, believe me!

Before starting my blog, I didn't do any research on hosters - I just began on the site where the first of the tutorials I tripped over suggested...and I repented later. When you are already a blogger, but ask: "How can I begin to blog for money (not just for fun)"?

READ: BASIC BLOG MONETARIZATION - HOW TO EARN BLOG CASH? Also, I suggest you read this here: 15 bloggers who make monies writing a blog without "blogging about blogging". READ: AFFILIATE-MARKETING - CAN YOU REALLY MAKE A LIVING WITH IT? Still not set for takeoff?

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