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About blogging on Wordpress

Starting a blog with WordPress: It' a step-by-step guide - get into debt, get more savings and retire early. In 2007 I began my most successfull deal with a $7.99 website. When I blog about my work, my lives and my finances, I make a thousand bucks a months - all things I like to do. And the best part is that you can launch a monetary blog for just a few bucks a months.

It' simple to get blogged, and this step-by-step introduction to getting blogged with WordPress will get you up and running fast! Clic here to launch a blog on WordPress, and then use the following tutorial to learn how to do this. What makes you think you can blog? I' m now making over $40,000 a months with my blog and my businesses.

A lot of blogs have managed to turn their blogs from a mere pastime into a professional activity, which allows them to do so: Everyone can earn a living with a blog. It' so inexpensive, you can make a quick return on your investment. Like many other carreers you know of you can begin for $2. 95/month and convert it into a six digit revenue in a brief amount of forty?

Blogs give you the chance to divide with the rest of the family. Logging was one of the best ways to exchange my thoughts and my expertise with others and help them with their own financial issues. Lots of folks get bogged down thinking that blogging is complex and time-consuming.

View the tutorial videotape or follow these step-by-step instructions on how to start blogs with WordPress and be up and ready in 15 mins! I will also be explaining how to make and release your first blog entry. View the movie by clicking the playback button: There is no need to be a computer professional, a master's graduate or a technician to set up your blog.

WordPress - what is it? Whilst there are some free hosting choices to launch a blog like and, you get the most controls and functions by using self hosting WordPress. That' what serious blogs use and what I use here in my blog. Don't use any free blogservice if you want to make blogs if you want to earn cash.

Free-of-charge blogservices are horrible. When you want to earn cash, you become a contractor, you have a professionally looking blog, you have to foot the bill for blog posting. In addition, paying for your host will be less than a mug of Starbucks tea per night. What is the entrance fee? Your blog can be launched with Bluehost for only $2.95 per months (this low rate is only possible via my link)!

Even if you register through my hyperlink, you will get your free domains if you buy a 12-month or longer web site subscription worth $15. It' only $3. 00 more a months than the basic plans, but it gives you the opportunity to hoist an limitless number of sites on this one single site for your use.

In addition, there are no agreements, and you have a 30-day back-of-the-money guarantee. I have been using Bluehost since 2005 to start three different companies. It is the cheapest, best and quickest way to get going on-line. However I have founded three companies on Bluehost with great succes (including this website). The Bluehost is specialized in sharing server and is the ideal place to start.

The WP Engine is very costly and something to consider once your blog begins making cash and you can start investing in a quicker hosting experience. There are seven good reason why you should decide on Bluehost to get started: Bloehost has great 24/7 telephone, email or instant messaging capabilities. It'?s simple to start.

With my step-by-step instructions you can simply make a WordPress blog. The Bluehost is extremely dependable. There' s nothing even worst than your website going down and loosing cash. Bloehost is cheap - you can start for only $2.95 per months if you use my links to get the rebate.

If you want to get your blog up and running on Bluehost, follow these steps: Please click here to launch the trial. It' just a detailed step-by-step listing where I show every little push of a small key and everything you need to activate/deactivate in a control box. First thing you need to think about is what your blog is gonna be called.

It' cheap and easy to set up your blog if you haven't purchased a domainname yet. If you already have a domainname, go to the end of this article where I'll give you directions on what to do.

Visit the Bluehost home page. Press the Get Start Now command line icon. And if you aren't sure about your blogs, choose the Plus 36 month blog. Proceed by pressing the Select pushbutton. When you create a new domainname, type your domainname into the field on the right. Select the appropriate extensions (.com, . bit, . org, etc.) If you have an already registered domainname, type it in the field on the right.

Press the Next buttons. If you use my specific links, the price will be between $2.95 (Basic) and $5.95 (Prime) per months. The Bluehost services are so inexpensive because you prepay the per year installment. There is really no downside as you have a 30 day back refund warranty.

and it' gonna be saving you some cash. Verify that you have reviewed the General Conditions and click the Submit link. Then Bluehost will present you a congratulations page with promotional promotions. The Welcome To Bluehost monitor should appear. Please click on your created username.

Press the button Activate passwords to activate a secure one. As soon as you click the eyebrow next to the passwords box, your new passwords will be verified. Click the Next pushbutton. You' ve got a bluehost now. Enter your domainname if it is not displayed yet.

Press the Send pushbutton. Please click on the host at the top of the page to get to the cPanel. Jump over the tutorial/walkthrough, that's what I'm going to show you now to complete the setup of your blog. If you click on the Connect to WordPress icon, the WordPress installation may take a second.

If you click on the installation icon above, WordPress will be installed free of charge. The system prompts you to select the Domain (your URL) where you want to place WordPress. Select Validate Domains. Agree to the "Admin User Name" and the "Admin Password" that Bluehost proposes.

Click on the View Credentials icon in the top right corner. Press the View Buttons. Bloehost will also send you a copy of the information by e-mail. You are now in WordPress and are looking at the DashBoard. All you see is the WordPress backend. That' what you use to blog and work on your WordPress page.

Let's do your first blog entry! Imagine yourself and why you start the blog and what you want to cover. When you are done typing, click the Publish icon on the right. You' ve just posted your first contribution on your own self-hosted WordPress blog.

A new blog will be uploaded. You can see that this is a boneless WordPress installation, but you are ready. Standard installation is very general. Like you can see on my website, there is a great deal you can do with WordPress. If you want your blog to look different, you can do so by adding a so-called design.

As your blog looks better, it attracts more traffic, so consider choosing a topic that matches your blogtent. Indeed, if you want your blog to look exactly like mine, you can use the Herald theming. For more information about WordPress, I suggest using WordPress 101 and WP Beginners.

This site has a tutorial with hundred of video using WordPress. If you already have a domainname, what happens? When you already have a domainname that you want to use, you need to perform some actions to make your domainname point to Bluehost. According to where your domainname is hosting, the different stages can be different.

The Bluehost here explains the procedure. If, for example, you purchased your Go Daddy website, you will need to link your website to your host name. We have a full site of name server setup for your domainnames. At GoDaddy, where I am registering some of my own registrations, for example, sign in, then go to My Top Level Registration | My Top Level Registration and click My Top Level Registration.

Locate your domains, click in the top right corner and choose Manage DNS. If you are fortunate, sometimes the changes can begin to work in a few short clicks. Please note: Bluehost or the organization you used to register your domains with may modify this procedure. Rather than enter a new domainname, use the checkbox on the right that says "I Have a Domainname".

You' re on your way to making a living as a bloogger. And if you haven't registered to begin your blog, click this hyperlink to get my discount rate at Bluehost.

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