How to buy a Domain on Godaddy

Can I buy a domain from Godaddy?

Don't worry; "aftermarket" registered domains are a booming business! In order to buy a domain name through GoDaddy: Or at least until you try to register your own domain name. At a moment of inspiration, the perfect domain name for a new business venture comes to mind.

To buy an already existing domain name

Choosing the right domain name for your website is one of the most important factors in setting up your own website. Their domain name must be so appealing that it catches the attention, your shop in the head of everyone who sees it evokes and catchy (and concise) enough for an simple retrieval.

If you have chosen a name and a host and your domain name has already been perfectly registrated by someone else, what do you do? Of course, you may have other domain extensions like ".biz" or ".net" or even ".tv", but if you've got your brain and your soul in your quest to get if someone else already has it, you need to get into the after-market domain universe.

This policy applies to the acquisition of a domain name to induce a corporation or individual to buy a website with their name (or the name of one of their properties), and to the (slightly) less shameful practices of acquiring domain names using notations that are very similar to, or intentionally misspelled from, known domain name in order to gather information, installing malware, or forcing a domain holder to re-purchase the domain.

Today, domain name commodification has achieved a certain degree, which means that most people who buy up a lot of domain name are looking for a small gain rather than a bad chaos. The domain broker and bidding site are as easily accessible and usable as eBay, and for most people the use is much more appealing than tracking down the single domain holder and working out a transaction.

They bring the much needed safety and responsibility to the equation and protect both you as a client and the domain name service providers from scams and other harassment. Possibly you can also use your host service providers to gain aftermarket domain names, according to the functions they have. When the domain name you choose is an integral part of your trademark and business, it is rewarding to explore these offerings to obtain them.

Publisher's note: Reply All has made a few blog posts (here and here) about finding and purchasing already existing domain names. Once a domain has been registrated by another member, it is known as an ad hoc or retail domain. These are offered for sale when they come to an end or when the landlord chooses to resell them.

Often these domain name have a high value for in-bound links, traffics and brands. A number of auctioned off domain name auctions are conducted through web marketplaces such as Imagine it like eBay for domain name. provides domain name services on escarpment - where they are kept by a third person until the deal is completed.

com you can research which domain entries have elapsed in the last 24h, 7d, 30d or 60d. Notes: registers domain expirations in your name. When two or more persons try to "snatch" the same run out name, it is auctioned between the interested persons.

Sometimes, according to, more than 20,000 domain names expire in one tag. It can be difficult to get a good domain name - many are already taken. It' s rewarding to research whether the domain you really want will be auctioned. Domain names are precious properties, because unlike a web site, there is no intermediary between you and the user.

The development of domain fees is not independent of the remaining economic development, it is similar to the fluctuation of share values. says pricing tends to run in tandem with the NASDAQ 100 index, Google's share quotes or overall US Sedo research revenue from on-line advertising show that domain values rose quickly between 2006 and 2007, with domain values rising 76% before dropping 34% in the next five consecutive quarter.

Since then, they have continued to gain momentum, with May 2011 saw a rise in mean retail price to an all-time high of $84.4 million in revenues. is one of the world's biggest domain name marketing platforms, with 3,500 domain names sold per months for a combined $6 million in transactions.

July 2013 saw $2.3 million in domain deals within a single weeks on and Rates differ according to keywords usage, rankings, etc. In general, the higher the offer value, the higher the trade value of this domain. Most domain name resales, according to, are between $5,000 and $80,000.

For a popular term ending with . com, the mean value is between $9,000 and $30,000. Increasingly, every month the domain name collecting industries sell consequently valued 5-10 million dollars of domain names at rates that purchasers are more than willing to paid. Take a look at, which displays historic retail pricing so you can evaluate value against retail pricing.

Good domain names are examples: Several of the most pricey domain names ever to have been auctioned were: The last thing you want is a domain on Google's list of blacklists. Perform a Google site scan ( and review Google's Penalty Tool to ensure that an after-market domain has no sanctions against it. Review to see how the domain has moved over the years.

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