How to buy Domain and Hosting in Godaddy

Buying domain and hosting in Godaddy

Do not buy hosting from your domain name registrar. Start by creating a website, for which you need a domain name and hosting. Can I buy a domain from one business and use it with another webmaster?

Configuring name servers for your domain names (since Godaddy is your domain names Registrar, I have quoted their supporting documents): Once you have registered a domain name with us, we create it on our park-charged name servers so that a temp page is displayed when your site is visited. Once you have determined which hosting service you want to use, you can modify the name servers of your domain name to delete the page you are parking and enable your domain name.

After registering your domain name with another vendor, you can continue to buy a hosting subscription from us, use our off-site DNA service or our CashParking or Quick Content service. When you do this, you will need to check your name servers in your affiliate with us and then setup the name servers with your domain name registration.

When your domain name is enrolled with us, use the following steps to upgrade its name servers, according to how you use or hosted the domain name. Sign in to your account manager. From the My Products area, choose Domains/Domain Manager. Choose the domain names you want to change. Under ( "Nameserver"), choose the option Set up nameserver.

My domain name servers are unique - This indicates that you are hosting your domain name with another organization (enter the two or more name servers provided to you by your hosting provider), or you have customized name servers that you want to use for that domain name. TIP: For information about using user-defined name servers with these domain name( s), see User-defined name server restriction for . com, . net, and . edu domain name( s).

Similarly, certain country-specific top-level domain name ( "ccTLD") products have their own unique name server needs. Refer to About ccTLDs (Country-code Domain Names) to find the help articles with the name server requests for your acTLD. REMARK: You must specify at least two name servers. Once you have created third-party name servers and the DNA has spread, you will no longer be able to administer the DNA of your domain name in our system and will need to consult your third-party for this.

DNA and hosting are different things. Registering a domain - selling domain names and specifying DNA hosts (and whois) for the domain. Domain Name Repository - maintains the domain name domain area ( "mapping") and allows a client to ask for the IP addresses for a specific domain or sub-domain. Whoever responds when a client is connecting to the IP addresses that have been dropped.

Those three are totally separated, and although a business could fill all three rolls, there is no restriction as to why it cannot be modified. Yes, you can buy domain and hosting from two different vendors and place a hyperlink to them to see the site on-line. If you buy the hosting or domain name you will receive a domain or hosting management console.

Your hosting affiliate service sends you the name server information as you purchase the affiliate service. Use these name servers and refresh them in your Domain Controller Panels, the panels provided to you by the domain providers (Godaddy). The GoDaddy is just a domain register, although they provide hosting, but you don't need it.

Once you have registered a domain name, you would just configure the name server to point to your other hosting providers. Yes, it is possible to buy only domain and you can easily refer your domain to your other hosting providers. However, most hosting companies provide domain and also hosting services. In addition, they can provide you with FREE domain names when you are hosting your website with them.

You can even use your computer at home to hosting your domain and have the DNA server point to your home computer (if it's viewable to the Internet). Definitely you can buy a web domain name from one organization and hosted the website on another organization's server or on your own.

All you need to do is modify the DNS service setting to point to the address for which you want to resolver the domain name.

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