How to buy Domain from Godaddy

This is how to buy a domain from Godaddy.

You can register your domain name from many websites. This article will discuss how to register a domain name with Godaddy. Learn how to transfer a domain from GoDaddy.

Buying domain & web from GoDaddy

A lot of folks have been requesting a step-by-step videotape of how to buy domain names and web hosting from GoDaddy. Well, this tape shows how to do it. The next tutorial will show you how to use your GoDaddy user interface to download and use WordPress. I' m gonna e-mail you this tape.

omain + web host combo: More recommendations for web hosting: If you already have a domain name, the following are great options:

Transferring a domain from GoDaddy - Domain Data Services

If a domain is transfered, the name servers assigned to the domain remain unchanged (e.g. and Since the domain is no longer with the old domain holder, the name servers of the old domain holder will no longer respond to requests for your domain. That leads to downtimes until you change your domain to our DNA.

Read this paper to find out how you can minimize transmission outages. Please note: If you use a third-party DNS such as your host organization, the domain trust does not cause down-time because the domain trust does not alter the domain trust preferences during the trust process. Prior to submitting a domain registration application to us, you must receive an Auth Code (if applicable) from GoDaddy and ensure that the domain is valid.

Enabling your domain with GoDaddy: Log in to your GoDaddy accounts; click next to Domain name on Administer All: Important: Activate the Extended List View type: Choose the domain(s) you want to open and click Lock: Choose the Off option box, then click Save: Important: There is a 60-day blocking function that blocks transmissions from GoDaddy when updating the First Name, Last Name, Organization Name, or E-mail E-mail E-mail addresses for the registrant's Contacts Infoset field.

Please see this section ( com/help/change-domain-contact-information-418) for more information on how to update your domain contacts at GoDaddy. In the event that the 60-day suspension is applied to a domain name, GoDaddy offers a specific procedure to resolve that suspension. Please visit GoDaddy's "Review 60" section at to request to look at the case and if possible, take the padlock off.

Getting the Auth code (or "EPP Code") from GoDaddy: Log in to your GoDaddy balance; click Manage next to Domain names; choose the domain for which you need an Auth code: Auth will be sent to the admin e-mail of your domain. When the Whois Privacy Protection for the domain is activated, you must also deactivate it.

Learn how to terminate domain names by proxy service with GoDaddy: Log in to your GoDaddy email address; click Administer next to Domain names; in the Data Protection columns next to the appropriate domain name, click Administer: click the Remove Data Protection link, then click Yes, Remove Data Protection: For more information on how to submit a domain to us, please read this review.

GoDaddy's way of accepting wire transfers: As soon as the application for transmission has been submitted and the registration layer registration procedure has been started (usually lasts up to 20 minutes), you should be able to agree to the GoDaddy side transmission to accelerate the process: Sign in to your Account Manager; click Administer next to Domain Name; choose transfers from the Domain Name list; click Publishing Transfer Out and choose the domain name(s) you want to commit from GoDaddy; choose Accept and click OK.

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