How to buy Hosting in Godaddy

This is how to buy hosting in Godaddy.

So if you're thinking about using GoDaddy as your web host, you can be sure you're making a good choice. It is not recommended to choose this host for this hosting category. Fill in your credit card details and click Buy. Do you need help finding the right host for your needs? Today, GoDaddy strives to be the best web host for small businesses.

This is how you configure our common hosting name servers for Go domain names

When your GoDaddy domains are enrolled and host on our common server (s), please complete the following procedure to refer the domains to our common hosting name server. Important: Make sure that the extended lists view is activated, as shown below: Sign in to your GoDaddy email and click Administer All next to the Domains: 2 section. Open the drop-down box near the relevant domains and choose the Set DNS Server menu:

Browse down to the Nameserver section of the page and click Change: On the open Custom pull-down menu, choose Custom from the drop-down box, then type our hosting name servers and click Save. We are hosting nameservers: Immediately after saving the changes, your name will be referred to our hosting name servers.

To start your website on GoDaddy - BentoBox

Once your GoDaddy registration is complete, you can use the following instructions to start your BentoBox page on your GoDaddy name. On this page, you should see three tab pages for Preferences, DNS Zone File, and Contacts. Please click on the DNS zone file that contains the preferences we need to refresh online.

At first the A ( Hosts ) or " A Records " files will be updated. An IP dataset, also known as hosting records, shows your domains name an IP number. BentoBox will setup the A master data to the IP of BentoBox so that visitors entering your IP will be directed to the BentoBox site on our servers.

When there is an A entry with "@" for the host value, click the symbol to modify it. Refresh the IP to and click the yellow "Finish" link. When you do not see an A entry with "@" for the host value, click the " Adds entry" link at the top of the zone file.

Choose A (Host) from the Record-Type drop-down list in the appearing dialogue box. Type @ in the field host and in the box Points to. Press the red "Finish" icon to store the A entry. When there are already A entries with the www hosts value, they should be removed.

You can click the deletion button next to the A entry to clear it. Next data set updated in the zone file is the C (.n.a.) data set. By referencing a sub-domain to an existent A-List, your website can redirect your users to the right place on your website. When there is an existent N.C. Name dataset with "www" for the host value, click the symbol to modify it.

When you do not see a CName dataset with "www" for the host value, click on " add dataset" at the top of the zone file. Choose CNAME (Alias) from the Records Type drop-down list in the displayed dialogue area. In order to store your changes, click on "Save Changes" in the top of the zone file's purple text area.

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