How to Cancel Sitebuilder

To abort the Sitebuilder

Learn how to cancel a SiteBuilder account. I spent the morning signing up for My website and trying it out, and now I want to quit. To cancel a Webhosting/Sitebuilder account, please follow the steps below: Log in to your customer account.

Learn how to cancel a SiteBuilder account: VZUK Ltd.

Sorry to have to cancel your membership, but we would be happy if you would take the chance to talk to us about the reason for your cancelling. We' re looking forward to receiving your comments about what we did incorrectly and whether we can try to solve any issues you have noticed.

There is a full refund policy at all times, but please be aware that this does not cover the costs of domains bought through us. Please help us to enhance this item with your comments.


In the event that a reimbursement for idle bank hours is due, it will be given to you upon cancelation. As soon as an account  is terminated, this means that all invoices are stopped and functions that have been settled in the accounts are no longer accessible. That means that all sites in the site owner's profile become unavailable to users and the site editors are no longer accessible.

Before you cancel, please make sure that you are restoring contents from the website editors or the web site. Please indicate in your e-mail to us if you wish to have the website and your bank details removed. This is an occasion to take to discuss why you would like to cancel, we are anxious to please you and hopefully we can help you with any problems you may have noticed that have prompted you to decide to cancel.

Can I cancel my membership?

Can I cancel my membership? In addition to your unsubscribe information, there should be a unsubscribe button under Actions. This will delete your affiliate and your website will go off-line. We always strive to have the best possible experiences with our product, so if you have comments on how we can make a difference, or if there is something special about our product that you didn't like about us, we would be happy to hear from you!

Please help us to enhance this item with your comments.

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