How to Cancel Squarespace

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Obviously, I didn't want or need this, so I went to request a refund, cancel the page and take it offline. Terminate your Squarespace account or change your Squarespace subscription. Help Squarespace 5 - Termination of a website unsubscription Squarespace5

Your can unsubscribe at any moment. In order to cancel a subscription: Terminate your bankroll. At the end of the accounting period, your bank will be closed. Once cancelled, you can delete your existing balance to immediately terminate your membership. You can cancel your unsubscribe at any moment, but we suggest these easy stages for a seamless transition:

When you switch to Squarespace 7, you must await your Squarespace 7 site to be up and running and have submitted all your user-defined domain names before you cancel your Squarespace 5 site. Unless you switch to Squarespace 7, you are exporting your contents so that you can bring them to a new website. In order to suspend publishing or hiding your website on a temporary basis, we recommend that you continue your unsubscribe and deactivate all pages of your website instead of canceling your unsubscribe.

You will be closed and your website will be flagged for removal at the end of the active accounting period.

In order to immediately shut them down, see 4. Once you have cancelled, click Remove your balance in your Accounts Center and enter your name in the box to immediately terminate your balance. Unless you click Remove Your Acct, your balance will be closed at the end of the active accounting period. After I unsubscribe, will my site appear in results of SEOs?

Once your site is closed, your site will no longer be referenced because it is not open to the world. Unless you switch your site to another vendor, it will end up disappearing from your results. Please be aware that this will take a while and timings may differ depending on the individual ranking activities of each SEO. After you unsubscribe, Squarespace has no power to remove your site from a site's results.

When you switch your site to another vendor, a finder can index the new contents as soon as the site is up. Is Squarespace going to keep my page contents if I come back? As soon as your site closes, your site is off-line. You may be able to restore your site's contents if you recently canceled your site or if it recently lapsed.

If I cancel my website without deleting my affiliate profile, what happens? Keep your website up and running until the end of your subscriptions. Your bank will be closed at this time. After I unsubscribe, can I re-activate my page?

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