How to Change Google Chrome Background

To change the Google Chrome background

The browser immediately prompts you to restart. To restart Google Chrome, click on the "Restart now" button visible there. Browse through the list of topics until you find a topic you want to use, and then click the topic name to select it.

Changing the background of the new tab in Google Chrome.

An important change noted in the latest release of the Google Chrome Browsers - Chrome 68 - was the award of the "Not secure" tag in the web site addresses of sites that do not use HTTPS. In addition, the web browsers have added the ability to activate or deactivate a "preference" that adjusts the background of the new tab in Google Chrome without using a web browsing expansion or add-on.

Google Chrome does support this function for those who don't know about this change, but is not activated by setting the option to "Enable" by setting the option to "Enable" by default. However, for those who don't know about this change, Google Chrome does not support this function. If this option is selected, however, Chrome editors can specify multiple Chrome backgrounds as the background on the New tab. Start the web browsers and enter chrome://flags/ in the addressbar and hit Enter. A new Background Selection tab page appears.

Locate this preference and choose Activated. Allows you to choose a user-defined background picture on the New tab. If you want to change this and turn on the background change to the New tab in Google Chrome, click the drop-down arrow and choose On. Immediately the webrowser prompts you to reboot.

If you click on the "Restart now" link that appears, Google Chrome will be restarted. Once you're done, just open the new Chrome tab and see if a new Settings tray item appears in the bottom right hand corner of the new tab. Click on it to open the Chrome Wallpapers options and under the Customize background section.

Choose the required categorie from the different background images listed. Reboot Chrome and you will see the change. When you want to return to the initial settings and turn off the function, choose the "Default" item again from the drop-down menu and reboot the web-browser.

What can I do to change the Google Chrome background?

The Chrome Browsers desktop has been updated by Google to include the 69 update. Good-looking functions are available, such as round tabbed pages and the ability to adjust the background picture. So if you're bored with the whites, you' ll find out how to change the Google Chrome background without expansion. First, go to the URL'chrome://settings/help'.

The Chrome will check for the latest versions automaticly. Make sure your Chrome is 69 or higher. What can I do to change the Chrome browser background? In Chrome, open a new tabs and look for a pinion symbol in the lower right hand edge, as shown below. Select the toothed wheel symbol and click on the "Chrome Backgrounds" button.

You' ll see a pop-up with the background pictures in it. Choose one of your favorite collections to see the wallpaper lists. Choose the picture, then click the "Done" icon to make the picture the wallpaper for your web browsers. The background picture can be removed at any point.

You can now see that the background for Chrome is selected for the photo you are uploading.

As soon as you have defined the background, Chrome opens all the new tab pages with the background picture. Standard background is easy to substitute the background without the need for extra features. For more features like a desktop or a design, go to the Chrome Webshop. Browse for "Background" using the Browse field.

Both enhancements and the topic can be filtered. Try the expansion'Moment - #1 Personal Dashboard for Chrome' by pressing the'Add to Chrome' buttons. Once installed, you will see an icon next to the location pane and the new tabbed pages will immediately display a background picture.

There are many functions in this expansion that you can get hold of by pressing the three dotted buttons at the bottom right. Sets background picture from a large number of collectibles. Allows you to choose your background from either videotape, colour or user-defined galleries. Troublesome historical miniature views are deleted and clearly organized as bookmarks in the'Hub' options.

The extension also deletes the Google mark at the top of the query area. To change the look of Chrome completely, browse for topics in the Chrome webshop. They can find tens of thousands of free topics in different category. Each theme always changes the background and disables the standard background change setting.

See below what Chrome will look like with Adventure Time - Tree Fort 3. Keep in mind that expansions and designs provide great choices, but they affect your browser's performance and slow down page loading. When you want a secure and quick surfing environment, stick strictly to Chrome's standard surfing choices.

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