How to Change the Theme of your computer

To change the design of your computer

If you want to try one of the built-in themes in Windows, click the Start button, type Change Theme in the search box, and then press Enter. Just click on any topic and Windows will try it immediately. Then click or tap Change topic in the Personalization section. Choose a topic from the list as the starting point for creating a new one. Select the desired settings for desktop background, window color, sounds, and screen saver.

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To open the "Personalization" dialog (see Figure 3), right-click any point on the shortcut on the shortcut menu and select "Personalize". Click on "Fine tune display effects" under the heading "Make things on the easy to see screen" (Fig. 2) or Alt + C to open the "Personalization" dialog shown in Figure 3.

When you use a different design, go to 4. Otherwise, to apply and complete the changes, click the Save Changes icon or Tab until selected and hit Return. Use the space bar to highlight it. Once you have made all your changes, click the OK icon or hit Return.

When you are not using an Aero design, go back to the Personalize screen (Fig. 3). By clicking the "Save Changes" icon or pressing the Tab key until it is selected and pressing Command, you are returned to the Personalize screen. You will see your customized design named "Unsaved Design" at the top of the Personalize screen.

Left-click on ' Store topic', or tab until it is selected, then hit return. Specify a name for your design and click on " Store " or hit the return key. Finally, quit the "Personalization" screen by selecting the lock icon or Alt + F4.

To change the theme, screen, and wallpaper in Windows 10

Best thing about the Windows OS is that you can customise and optimise it as much as you can. This article will show you how to change the design, display and backdrop of your Windows 10 system as well as your Windows 10 backdrop. In order to start the customization of Windows 10, go to your Windows 10 client by right-clicking it and clicking Personalize.

You can use the customization options to change the color of the backgrounds and accents, block the screens, backgrounds and topics on your computer. Click Topics in the customization preferences, and then click Classical Topic Preferences. You will then be taken to the classical theme setting in the Control Panel, where you can see three standard topics and four high-contrast topics specifically developed for night-time use and for people with challenging situations.

Choose the topic you want and click Save Topic. And you can even make new Windows designs if you want. You can not only choose the design you want for your computer, but also get some more designs as well. Click ing Get More Theme On-line to visit the Microsoft website, which contains an expansive selection of rich topics, both hands-on and imaginative, in various different categorys .

Search the category and select the topic you want to use. Of course, the downloading times vary depending on the topic and your web browser. Once it has been installed on your computer, simply open it and obey the installation and application guide. To change the background image of your Windows 10 computer, go to Personalize and click Background.

Choose your favourite photo from the galleries. On its website, Microsoft provides an exhaustive list of Windows 10 backgrounds, and if you like, you can choose to have them downloaded and installed on your workstation. To make a photo or photo your wallpaper, right-click it as you've always done and click Make it your wallpaper.

For Windows 10 to change your background photoutomatically, from the Background drop-down list, click Slide Show and specify the required directory with your pictures. What are background and lockout screens saved in Windows 10? Here you can also change the locking screens. Then click the Locking the Screen button and browse to your photo.

Choose one of the built-in settings, or search and choose your own picture as the locking screens. Here you can also enter your photos as blocking screens. You can also adjust the Windows 10 Start menu while you are here. Enjoy your customization of Windows 10!

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