How to Change Theme in Cpanel

Changing the theme in Cpanel

At the top of the page you will see a Switch Theme option. To view your topic options, click the drop-down list. Your cPanel theme will then be displayed as paper_lantern. I'm switching the subject to paper lantern. Perform the following steps:

Can I change the cPanel design for an existing user on my cloud or dedicated servers?

In order to change the cPanel design for an online bank, first log on to your MM, e.g: Then go to Change an existing user profile in the navigation bar on the right. Choose the name of the user for whom you want to make changes and click the Change Buttons. The next page shows a theme labeled and a dropdown list next to it.

Choose the topic you want from the drop-down list and click the Save icon. At the end, log off from the cPanel and log on again. Now you will see that cPanel is using the new design you chose for this area.

As you can change your cPanel theme to Paper Lantern

Since cPanel is discontinuing the older x3 theme interfaces, we encourage our customers to move to Paper Lantern. Learn how to change your cPanel theme from x3 to Paper Lantern in this step. Log on to cPanel. At the top of the page you will see a button theme box.

To view your topic choices, click the drop-down menu. Select the paper_lantern check box. Your cPanel theme will then be shown as paper_lantern. Happy birthday, now you know how to switch your cPanel theme from the older x3 theme to the latest Paper Lantern release!

To change the cPanel theme

To change the appearance of the cPanel administrative interfaces, change the design.... In addition, some functions are only available when using a specific topic.... That is the old cPanel theme. This is probably the topic you are most comfortable with if you have used cPanel in the past.

Papier lantern: It is the sequel to the x3 theme. Paper Lantern theme incorporates a retro look similar to the traditional x3 theme. Your current x3 theme user will be able to change their x3 theme to the new Paper Lantern theme. Register with cPanel.

From the cPanel start menu, choose Switch Theme paper_lantern: cPanel immediately changes to Paper Lantern. Paper Lantern theme has a whole new look and feeling. When you are used to the older x3 theme, it may take a while to get adjusted. Paper Lantern, however, contains a retro look that is similar to the x3 theme and can facilitate the move to the new UI.

If you want to change the Paper Lantern to Retro styling, perform these steps: Register with cPanel. Click Change Styles under Prefererences. Find the retro look, and then click Accept. Immediately the new styling comes into force. Your current paper lantern theme user is able to change it to the Paper Lantern x3 theme.

Register with cPanel. In the SWITCH THEME field in the x3 drop-down menu, select: cPanel immediately changes to the x3 theme. Find out how to change the default languages used in cPanel. Find out how to change your cPanel passphrase. Adds this change to your MySQL, SSH, and FTP passwords.

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