How to Change Theme name in Wordpress

Changing the theme name in Wordpress

fuse Topics are one of the most important components or functions of WordPress. Topics are an easier way to "skin" your website and give it a distinctive look and feel without having to change the basic coding. As a rule, most topics are plug-and-play, i.e. they can simply be downloaded and started via the WordPress user interface.

Much of the well-designed designs are also very adaptable. Usually you can change several different functions like fonts, colors and size of elements without changing the number. Possibly you can also change some parts of the layouts, according to how it is laid out and what adjustments the theme designer has made.

It' not so unusual that part of the design cannot be adjusted to the desired point. In most cases, you should consider creating a customized theme rather than changing the theme. And at other time, according to how much you have to change, you can create a theme for the children.

It has several benefits to develop a child's theme rather than change the theme itself. Somehow, if you end up altering the design itself, you might want to change the name of the design to prevent conflict. Usually altering the theme name is not one of the things the theme offers.

We' ll see how you can change the name of the topic slightly if necessary. First, you need to back up the Topic folder and the documents to a place outside the WordPress installation directory. Most likely the pathname to the topic directory is ... Page to Wordpress>/wp-content/themes/.

Duplicate the whole directory to another place in the filesystem. Now you need to disable the design you want to change when it is in use. This can be done by selecting a different design, e.g. Twenty Fifteen (or a standard design).

From Dashboard -> Appearance-> Themes, click the Activate icon on the new design. Next you have to change the name of the theme directory. Change the name of the folders with the new theme name to something suitable, for example. Not necessarily matching the theme name, but maintaining it near the theme name is useful.

In the ideal case this is all you have to do in a well created and well realized topic. However, most theme are not really well encoded and it is not uncommon for theme filenames to be hard-coded in several other file formats. Find $ /path/to/themefolder/ -exec grep -i "Old Theme Name" "{}" "{}".

Now go through each of the results given by the instruction and exchange each occurence with the new name. The example below shows how to change the theme name from Twenty Thirteen to TT Theme. Make sure you are replacing the design naming and option you need. Exec set -i -- 's/Twenty\ Thirteen/TT\ Theme/g' "{}".

Now look again and make sure that there are no remains of the name in any file. Go back to the topic page in the WordPress administration interface and verify that there is a new design with the new name. Now try to enable the new design and make sure everything works.

Maybe if there are any problems with the topic or had misspellings, you have to begin all over again. Now, you supported the subject... didn't you?

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