How to Change Wordpress Theme Manually

Instructions how to change Wordpress theme manually

This is perfect if you do not have access to your admin area. If you don't know how to do this, read our guide to accessing your database. Click on wp_options in the menu on the left to open the options table.

One of our recent reader asked us if he could change his WordPress theme from the data base. The WordPress application makes it incredibly simple to administer topics from the administration area. But if you can't get into your WordPress administration area, you need to find other ways to change your WordPress design.

We will show you in this tutorial how to change your WordPress theme using easy way with PhpMyAdmin. When and why should you use PhpMyAdmin? Usually the simplest way to change your WordPress theme is to visit the Appearance " Themes page in the WordPress administration area. Sometimes, however, a WordPress bug can cause the administration area of your website to become unavailable.

You can also fix the WordPress bug that is responsible for the issue. Debugging is the simplest way to change topics, back up your current topic via FTP, and then delete all topic directories from /wp-content/themes/ except for the standard topic. The WordPress application returns you to the standard theme immediately.

Either of the above provides you with easy use of the WordPress administration area and you can change the design. However, if you do not have a back-up and do not want to return to a standard theme, you can use phpMyAdmin to switch to a customized WordPress theme from your base.

However, let's take a look at how you can change your WordPress theme using phpMyAdmin. How to do this? You can use this technique to tell WordPress which design to use by modifying the information in the data base. In order for this to work, the topic you want to change to must already be on your website.

Use an FTP server to access your website and go to the /wp-content/themes/directory. You can see all topics that are currently on your website. Hint: Make a note of the name of the topic directory you want to change to. You can manually use FTP to manually set up a WordPress design if the theme you want to go to is not on your site.

Once you have made sure that the desired design is already on your website, you can change it using your own web browser, phpMyAdmin. First of all you have to go to the cPanel dashboard of your WordPress host client. Browse down to the Database section and then click pHMyAdmin. As soon as you are in PhpMyAdmin, you will see a database listing on the leftside of the monitor.

Just click on the data base you use for your WordPress page. Next, the system displays the lists of available spreadsheets in this data base. Opmerking: By default, WordPress spreadsheets use wp_ as the preferred identifier for spreadsheet name. It is possible, however, to see a different WordPress preference if you or an admin on your site has modified the WordPress preference.

As a result, the line editors are opened in which you must change the value for the option_value box to the desired topic. It' usually the same as the directory name in /wp-content/themes/folder. As soon as you have stored your changes, you can see the new topic in activity on your website.

Hopefully this post has help you learning how to change the WordPress theme via phpMyAdmin. How to do this? Or you can view our full introductory WordPress data base manager manual with pdfMyAdmin. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress Videos tutorial if you liked this one.

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