How to Change Wordpress Theme name

This is how to change Wordpress Theme Name

Type the new name after "Theme Name:" at the top of the editor window. Header Link] | How to change a clickable header link in WordPress. Would you like to hide the topic details of your website from the public, then simply rename the topic folder and remove it in CSS? Find out how to change the name of the Wordpress theme.

To change the name of the topic in View Source

Hi Suport, 1. from View Source - Do I only have to change the name of the zipped-directory? Means, if I need "ABC" instead of enfold, then I have to change the folder name to ABC. zip and upload. So what if there's the next fix?

When updating via WP dashboard, cPanel, or FTP, what practice should I adopt to ensure that it changes or supersedes the modified ABC theme file changes it already has on it? Then how comfortable is it to refresh the major theme and the children's theme with a different name?

What do I have to do with a new name? I' ve seen the videos that are very useful, but have not clarified my approach when I want to change the name. When you use a subordinate design, you can name it any way you want. It is not possible to change the name of the topic and leave it that way with every upgrade.

You' d have to change the top name every update. In fact, the name would be changed to the name of the directory and then to stylesecss. In my reply above, the answers to 1,2 and 4 are: You would have to change the name of the topic file and the name of the topic in styles. 1,2 and 4. bss file.

You can' t have two designs with the same name for 3, not even as parent:child designs. I don't think the codx linkage is very useful. Concerning 3, the name for the children's theme I need is "ABC Child" instead of "Enfold Child", so I can associate it with the name of the ABC main theme.

Where else do I have to change the name of the children theme and within the children theme's CCS to associate it with the ABC name for the primary theme? Then, when I upgrade the design, I first have to change the name of the directory and in style sheet of the major theme while the zipped directory is on my computer and then up-load it.

It can also be updated and adjusted automaticly. From the Topic Upgrade Item page in the Topic Settings, what happens when I upgrade? Hello! 1) You just have to change the name of the "parent topic". A subordinate theme name is totally separate from the superior theme name. Usually the theme looks like this. bss theme looks like this:

One Child Theme for the Enfold WordPress Theme. When you want to make many changes to files, we suggest that you use this design instead of the initial design. You are not restricted to Enfold Child or ABC Child, etc. and can also call it "Supertheme" for example.

An important part is "Template: enfold" - "enfold", which relates to the name of the superordinate topic's folders. So, if you change the name of the topic from " enfold" to " abc", you also have to change this line to "Template: abc". 2 ) Yes, if you are updating the design, you must always change the name of the directory and the theme by hand. theme name of the theme.

Then you just have to upload/overwrite all the design data except styles. You don't have to modify the styles. Every time you modify the design, you have to modify your design with your own design. I' ll try this options with the topic kid. The maximum filesize, storage limits etc. can be increased to . chtaccess or phi intitial. config again.

I' ve verified and found that I can change myself and have control over . public_html accessing HTTP file. Which rows do I need to append in . chtaccess to raise the maximum file sizes, storage limits, etc. so I can then post the theme from the WordPress dashboard. I wish I could from now on also use the WordPress Dashboard to up-load it.

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