How to Change Wordpress Theme without Losing Content

Learn how to change Wordpress theme without losing content

Upload the WordPress theme by going to your WordPress dashboard, clicking Appearance, and then clicking Designs. To upload the WordPress theme of your choice, click the Add New and Upload Theme tab. And if you haven't done it yet, find a new theme you love. Test & debug your WordPress theme on your clone page.

When you change your WordPress theme, what happens?

Ever wonder what would have happened if you changed your WordPress theme? Featuring so many nice WordPress topics available, it can be enticing to change to a better looking topic. Whilst it is usually safer to change your WordPress theme, there are few things you need to consider.

"The " What happens when you change your WordPress theme " and things you need to do to make sure your website works correctly after the change. It is very important that you make a full WordPress back up when you make a big change, such as changing a theme, plugging in or import/exporting files.

You should see a previewer of a new WordPress theme before you activate it to see how it will impact your website. The WordPress application allows you to set up and view topics in the preferences without having to activate them. Just add a theme and click the Preview Alive icon below that theme. If you are looking at a thumbnail of your design, you should make a note of things that will influence the new design.

Search the home page of your website, articles, pages and archive. Have a look at how the new design treats things differently. Now, you need to determine whether you can customize the new design slightly to get the functionality of your old website that you want to keep. Please read our tutorial for more details on how to correctly toggle your WordPress theme.

After that, let's take a look at what happens when you move to a new WordPress theme. The WordPress is delivered with an integrated navigational system. Every WordPress theme specifies subject areas that display menus. When you change your WordPress theme, there are new items in the WordPress tool.

You must reassign the submenu that you previously assign to a topic position. Then, choose the desired item and verify the position of the topic where you want the item to appear. Please refer to our tutorial on adding a user-defined navigational menus in WordPress for details.

Widget pages allow you to place various items simply in the side bars of your WordPress theme. If you change your WordPress theme, these side bars are substituted by the side bars of the new theme, similar to menu bars. As a result, your current Widget will be disabled for you. Notice that some designs display standard WordPress widgets as well. However, all custom settings will be displayed in the section entitled Invalididgets.

Still you can use these Widgets and put them back into youridebars. Read our guidelines for import/export of widget preferences in WordPress. Have a look at our most useful WordPress wide page for your website. Every WordPress theme has different adjustment choices. Indeed, there are some WordPress topics that are equipped with a variety of adjustment choices that are managed through a custom topic option Panel.

Those options can contain your website logotype,avicon, headers, wallpaper and so on. Any of these options vanish when you change to your new WordPress theme. Once you've made a change log, you can probably try to set these things up in your new design. It is possible, however, that your new design does not have all the functionality your old design had OR that it has more functionality than your old design.

For the most part, these preferences do not influence your website's ranking on popular websites. Losing these adjustments will not have such a big effect. Some designs, however, combine the advanced features of your theme option panels. If this is the case, you must transmit the set values using the appropriate transport.

Several WordPress topics (not those in the WordPress topic directory) tick their designated functions and go to the plug-in area. That means that these topics begin to offer features that have nothing to do with the look of your website. Functions such as the creation of user-defined mail type, user-defined taxonomy that can be used to view content such as portfolios, endorsements, etc.

If you change your WordPress theme, these user-defined mail and taxonomy items become unavailable. You will still be saved in your WordPress databases, but you will need to make extra adjustments to view them in the new design. Read our instructions for importing and exporting user-defined mail to WordPress.

Most WordPress topics provide an easier way to include faders in different areas of your website. When you change the theme, these faders vanish. For this reason, we encourage our customers to use a robust plug-in to include faders in their WordPress page. Have a look at our compare to find the best WordPress slide control plug-in.

Short codes offer an easy way to integrate features into WordPress post ings and broadgets. Most WordPress topics come with an extended body of shortcuts to include button, gallery, slider, columns layout, and more. If you change topics, all topic-specific links are deactivated. Because of this, your text will appear as your text.

Sorry, there is no simple way to simply click a shortcut icon and paste shortcuts from your old design into your new WordPress design. You can, however, find and delete unnecessary shortcuts from WordPress mail. WordPress post and pages are not affected by the change of topic. Your old designs may look slightly different in your new design as they display postings, pictures, attachments, and pages.

None of your online downloads will be affected by the change of topic. Many WordPress topics, however, have their own picture size for presented pictures and miniatures. It may be necessary to re-generate the picture size after changing the theme. WordPress's standard preferences, which can be found in the Preferences dialog, also stay untouched. Hopefully this tutorial has given you a better understanding of what happens when you change your WordPress theme and you are better equipped for the change.

Or you can see our 15 things you need to do before you change the WordPress theme. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress Videos tutorial if you liked this one.

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