How to Create a Blog for free

Creating a free blog

Here's everything you need to know to get started. Creating a free blog in just a few simple clicks Building a blog may seem like a huge job, and you may not know where to start. To be honest, it's very simple to create a blog, and you can even create an absolute free blog. You should be conscious, however, that you cannot create a free blog on a normal webpage.

Instead, it must be on a site that provides the blog area for free. If publishes free blog posts, for example, it could give you a given U. R. which is There is no way to create your own free website or blog like If you want to create your own free blog in less than an hours, just following the easy hints below.

It is the site you blog on that determines the address of your blog. Check out this listing of blogs portals for some favorite features. And if you are not too technical or technical and don't bother to review all your choices, you can simply work directly with a free blogsite like Blogger or

Several other free blogs are Yola, WIX, Contentful, Medium and LiveJournal. When you are planning to buy a blog, perhaps you should review some of these issues to ask yourself before deciding on one. When you know the blog trading system you want to use, go ahead and go through the sign-up procedure to create your login and choose a name for your blog.

There is a little more about choosing a domainname below if you need help with that. Because Blogger and are both free, see our how-to guide on how to get a free blog with or how to get a free blog with to experience the peculiarities of blogging on one of these sites.

Although you are not obliged to know much about customization to begin to blog, there are some things you should keep in mind when you need help. While registering for your new blog using the blog submission form, you will need to select a domainname and a blog topic. Once you' re done, as noted above, you cannot launch a blog on a non-free available domains name like,, etc.

That' s why most free blog's have links like But, with what's said, you can still get a free blog at Blogger (or other places like and then later decide to reroute your blog to your own domain name so it has a more proffesional U. R. L.

Also, you can take a few moments before you begin your blogs to adjust some of the other settings for your blog that your blogsoftware will support, such as the name of the writer and the comments facilitation proces. Plenty more ways to customise your blog with plug-ins, Feeds, Blogrolls and more, but if you just want a basic blog, there's no need to make any customisations before you begin to publish.

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