How to Create a Blog on Weebly

Creating a blog on Weebly

Launch a Blog - Weebly Help Center When you want to channelize your inner Jessica, this is the right place to begin. Although your website doesn't require one, blogging is a great way to boost your exposure and search engine optimization and help your company differentiate your mark or your own unique vote. In order to create a blog, choose the Pages page tabs to open the page bar listing, click the+ button and choose Blog Page.

The blog will be added to your page listing. You can now name the blog unless you want to call it "Blog". It fills a new blog with a side bar that contains some standard contents that you can modify with ease, along with the ability to create a new post.

Use the New Message pushbutton to create a new message for your blog. A blog entry has a headline and a contents area. It is possible to attach contents to your contribution, as is the case when creating contents to a normal page. Drag-and-drop items into the message and modify them to include contents.

As soon as you have added your contents, you can choose from a wide range of choices for this particular contribution. Choose Mail Option. If you want to mark your contribution, click Submit Category. The highlighted category will be displayed in your side bar, making it easy for blog users to find articles that address specific issues.

When you use them, we suggest you don't have more than twelve different category types throughout your blog. Once you're done, you can either put the story on your web site (which makes it immediately available to visitors) or click Save, which creates a design that you can work on and share later.

You will see the Designs icon at the bottom of the page when you are saving a design. Simply click on your contribution from this design section to continue editing it and resave or republish it. Your new contributions will appear at the top of the page and push older contributions further down.

Select how many postings should appear on a page at a given moment (from 1 - 25) by pressing the Blog Settings tab at the bottom of your page. If you have more than the selected number of postings on your blog, a automatic linking will be added at the bottom of the page so users can search and view your past postings.

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