How to Create a Classified website with Wordpress

Creating a classified website with Wordpress

In ClassiCraft, a WordPress theme is used to create websites for classifieds. ClassiCraft WordPress Theme makes it easy for users to publish free paid ads on the site. Locate a Web Host & Hosting Plan. You can use WordPress as your platform.

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Creating a classified website with WordPress

Listings & classified web pages are now the most popular web portal we use almost every day. No matter whether the users want to advertise their shop, place advertisements or discover the location of their shop, they are always looking for classified webpages. So quickly create your own ad entry or your own website and become a great mark with the ClassiCraft WordPress themed.

Its design allows you to create a professionally styled website without having to touch a line of tech-codes. The following is the detailled explanation of the ClassiCraft submission, make a step-by-step guide to starting an ad serving site. ClassiCraft - what is it? In ClassiCraft, a WordPress topic is used to create websites for classifieds. ClassiCraft WordPress allows the user to publish free or prepaid advertisements on the website with ease.

There are two parts under the topic ClassiCraft: - Settings of the topic options. Step-by-step instructions for the installation of the ClassiCraft theme: Use the following nine easy steps to get ClassiCraft up and running on your website. Visit your WordPress Dashboard. Select the "Upload" item. Select the "Select file" icon. Once the topic has been installed, click the "Activate" link.

As a result, the topic is activated on your website. Owners can track the process and place a new classified ad on the site. - Select Categories - Categories are set by the administrator and will be available on the site. An advertiser must select the categories for his ad from the available categories list.

  • On the next page, you will be able to add several pictures to your ad. - On the next page, choose the method of ad payments, be it free classified ad, one-time classified ad or repetitive classified ad payments. On the next page you will see the following message: "Your classified advertisements have been successfully submitted".

The administrator can take the step of adding a new classified ad to the site. You can have an administrator following the instructions and adding a category to the website. Administrators can track the process and tag for better results. Just obey the instructions and load wallpapers, favoricon & logo onto the website.

Just obey the instructions and load wallpapers, favoricon & logo onto the website. An advertiser can export/import their own Creative Document Management (CSV) via the Preferences tab of the DASHBOARD. - Use the same formats in your own CSCV. Once you have created your own Creative Suite, click the Select Files link. As a result, the Creative Suite Server is uploaded and the last click on the "Import" pushbutton is made.

  • Free classifieds payment: An advertiser does not have to spend anything for the creation of the trade advertisements and his advertisements would be activated for a timeframe specified in the topic choices. These classifieds are free of charge. - Single small ad payment: As soon as the advertiser selects this alternative, the advertisements will be posted as classified advertisements with costs for a certain timeframe specified in the topic alternatives.

The advertiser will be notified by e-mail when the ad timeframe has expired in order to re-activate his classified advertisements. In addition, he can place his advertisements on the homepage slider/category slider charging an additional amount. In addition, the advertiser receives the lead in his own Dashboard. - Recurrent classifieds payment:

When the advertiser selects this pay packet, the advertisements become activated as long as the advertiser makes the payments. There is no more waiting for the advertiser to pay for his advertisements. The advertiser can also select whether he wants to place his advertisements on the homepage slider/category slider or not.

An advertiser receives the leader in his own dashboard. Just obey the instructions and adjust the offers, the leader capturing forms etc. on your website. Just do the following and insert a widget in the sidebar: ClassiCraft has a preconfigured function to display all pages and subpages in the menue.

You can create your own customized menus by following the procedure below: The Dashboard --> Look -->Menus -->Click the Create Menus icon and type the name of the menus. Navigate to the website and click on the "Login" icon. To register, create a user name and type in the appropriate information such as your login, e-mail, etc.

Finished with the WordPress? classified website generation tutorial.

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