How to Create a free website using Wordpress

Creating a free website with Wordpress

Creating your own WordPress website for free. Now I have my personal website with WordPress. Creating a free website on WordPress We have divided in this guideline the stages for creating a free website on Platform. There' a big distinction between WordPress.

org and, I will discuss the distinctions in a seperate article, because now you should only know that you can create a free website on not on

Here we show you how to create and hosted your website on for free. Let's begin with the step-by-step construction of a website. First, you need to log in to WordPress. com so go to http://wordpress. com/ you would find a sign display like the one below.

Required boxes are e-mail adress, username, password and blogs adress (domain name). Just click Create your own blogs!

As soon as you are done with stage 1, you can see a monitor like the one below asking you to verify your E-mail address. Go to your message and click on Activate your blogs! to verify the address. As soon as you have finished your 2nd steps, you will be asked for the few little things about your new website, such as your website's title, slogan and language.

After you have made all these entries, click Next After. At this stage, you must pick a topic for your website. You will find both free and premier topics. Pick any free topic, pick it and proceed to the next part. They can also further free topics under search.

Here you can set up your Facebook and Facebook account. It is also possible to jump over this stage and go to the next stage. Successfully create a free website on WordPress. It' t really up to you to verify the appearance of the website. Navigate to the web page and enter your full name ( website address ).

Now you can see your website. We' re not done yet, it's just the beginning, you'd have to modify the look of your website to make it look appealing. Used to modify the look of your new website. Go to the My Blog toolbar, click My Blog, and then click Modify look.

Here is your WordPress Dashboard, you can do many more things about the side bar on the lhs. On the Appearance page, in the side bar on the far right, you can adjust the current design and toggle between new designs. Will you be able to see the leftside side bar in a black background? Let me explain some fundamental things about the side bar before finishing this tutorial.

WordPress, Plugins and Themes Update. To manage and create new pages in your blog. Look: I' m quite sure that you must have built a great website for free by following the above listed instructions. Should you have any queries or doubts, please leave a message in the comments section below and we will be happy to help.

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