How to Create a free Wordpress Blog

Creating a free Wordpress blog

Select a homepage layout first. Next select a domain (blog address/blog name) Select a plan. Simple step-by-step tutorial for beginners with pictures.

Creating a successful WordPress blog for free

Looking for a full set of guidelines on how to create a free WordPress blog? We' ll introduce you to a simple step-by-step how-to in this workshop that will help you create a nice and fun WP blog. The WordPress is a world-renowned blogsite that lets you post your stories for free.

Your blog will, however, be part of the WordPress family until you decide on a pay per domains name and self-hosted WordPress. An example of a blog harbored on WP is: Establishing a blog on WP is not missile research. Only 5 easy moves and you are all ready to communicate your thoughts and your creative ideas to the rest of the family.

The only thing you need to do is go to and click the "Get Started" icon. This will guide you through the initial blog creation for you. When you need more help and are looking for a more in depth tutorial, there are all kinds of stunning tutorials available on-line on how to launch your own WordPress website, such as Be Your Own Boss: Learn too Build a WordPress Website in 1 Tag.

Select a blog adress or aomainname. Account creation. Clear and eye-catching homepage layouts play an important part in the blog's overall effectiveness. There are four possibilities for the homepage design when it comes to the WordPress blog, i.e. See the following screenshots. But we do suggest'A listing of my latest posts' as it is the most common blog style.

Your current work is displayed in this lay-out so your public can find your current work with ease. Are you a freelance contributor or writer of blog articles? If so, then you need to work with this WordPress homepage outfit. But if you want to create a corporate blog,'A welcome page for my website' and'An online shop' should be the most suitable designs for you.

The blog will reveal your thoughts and your personalities. If you choose a suitable topic for your blog, it will give your public a significant first glimpse of both. One topic is what your blog looks like. A key advantage of creating a free WP blog is that there are many free topics and template available directly from your WP dashboard.

Select'Topics' to display a wide range of topics to select from. Check out different WP topics and see which ones best fit your blog. Each topic has a different suite of adjustment choices. As an example, some themes may provide a user-defined headers, while others may provide different widgets.

Don't be afraid, you can always modify your blog topic via the file commit log. Learn more about how to use FTP. Hints for choosing the right WordPress themes. Don't select a complicated topic because your blog is accessed by your blog users to view your work. Ensure that the topic you select is fully reactive so that your blog looks the same when displayed with different web browser(s).

WordPress is based on the plug-in. The WP plug-ins allow you to create and modify your blog according to your needs. Select the topic that best fits all common WordPress plug-ins. Seeing as the importance of using advanced technology to create a blog is crucial, you should always work with an SEO-enabled topic.

For beginners, selecting an exact blog location or domainname can be a small challenge. Since it can be difficult to change the name of a domainname, it is important that you select the best one later. Be more cautious when selecting a domainname as it can directly affect your ranking in your ranking and your name.

The free WordPress blog expansion generally ends with '', as mentioned earlier. Therefore, the name you choose for your public to enter into their browser to display your blog should only be followed by this expansion. Your chosen domainname cannot be modified later, but you can change the name of your blog at any time.

Because WordPress is a truly ubiquitous website used by tens of million users around the world, it can be hard to find the one and only valuable blog name. The majority of the beloved domains are already assigned, you may have to try different domains to find the right one for you.

Need to buy a Domainname? Don't be afraid, you don't have to buy a WP website to use your own blogsite. But if you want to give your blog a feeling of professionalism, you might consider purchasing a seperate name. Which blog name should you use?

And if you can't make up your mind, you can go with your own name, as many of the most famous blogs have their names in the name. Do a research on your commercial space and then select your domainname. As soon as you are done with all the above fundamental tasks, include selecting your blog adress or name.

Next, you will need to click the "Choose Free" link if you want to create a free WP blog. In order to create an affiliate bankroll, you will need to complete the following steps: User name - You can select any user name of your choosing. Since it won't be your blog name, it's seldom important what you select.

It is important to select a secure passphrase so that a hacker cannot break it. After logging in, you can use the WordPress dashboard, which is very user-friendly and uncomplicated. If you need to modify the look and feel of your blog before you start the blog, you can do so by selecting Appearance-> Themes in the menu on the right side of the screen.

The WordPress application offers a wide range of theme choices (both free and paid). You can, however, work with free designs first because you have the ability to update them at any time. In order to include a page in your blog, you must use the dashboard feature. To create a page, go to 'Post'->'New'.

Create different pages, like "About me", "Contact", "Popular posts", etc. In order to create a first blog entry, you must go to'Post'->'Add new' and be willing to create your first blog. From the first blog of your life, there are a number of things you should do right to make your blog a success.

The first big thing you did was create your blog. Make your message appealing and useful, the public should be excited about your next contribution. Advertise your blog on favorite search able websites like Google +, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. In addition to sharing your contents on online community forums, create an online blog's formal community site.

This is a good way to get in touch with the public. Furthermore, RSS feeds, timelines, etc. are available on popular web pages to make any kind of contents virtual. In order to enhance your target group and your rankings, it is necessary to adhere to some implementable selling point optimization technologies. You can also practise getting high fidelity links for your blog from some serious weblogs.

You can use free Google utilities such as the Google Search Engine to get an impression of the selection of search terms for your contribution. The creation of a free WordPress blog is not hard at all. To make it a success, however, you need to pursue a rigorous policy, as noted above. Please do not hesitate to send your question via your feedback in the following area.

You can create this authors mailbox with the Simple Autor Mailbox plug-in, which is available for free on

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