How to Create a free Wordpress website

Creating a free Wordpress website

You will also receive a free domain name and web hosting. This guide describes the steps involved in creating a free website on the platform. Is there a big difference between and .

A further possible problem is the quality of free plugins and themes.

Creating a free WordPress website (Free Domain + Hosting)

You' re asking yourself how you can create a free WordPress website? To create a WordPress website, the simplest way is to have your own domainname and webhost. I' ll show you in this workshop how to create a WordPress website from the ground up for free. You will also be taught how to get a free domainname and webhosting site.

Please note, however, that free domains and web hosts are usually not as good as quality and dependable web offerings. It' not for serious blogs, website owner and developer people. Generally, to create your own WordPress website, you need a web site and a webmaster.

Your Domainname is what humans enter to get to your website. It is the web site of your website on the web. At the other end, webhosting is where your website is living. It is the home of your website on the web. Each website requires webhosts. Domainname usually cost $14. 99 / year, while webhosting usually cost $7. 99 / year.

This is how I show you how to get a free domainname and a free hostingservice. I am not speaking about the free WordPress services, so it does not offer you a domainname, but a subdomain like this one: You will get a top-levelomain. You will also be taught later in this tutorial how to get a free web host with Cpanel that works under Linux Hosted.

If you have already purchased a name from Namecheap or another Registry, you can instead attend this step. Free Dominname is the world's first and only free of charge Internet service company. Continue and open the website and create an acount. The available Domainname expansion is displayed based on your entries.

Choose the available domainname of your choise with the appropriate extensions by pressing the Get it now! buttons. Hence, leammatthew. ga to my top level domain name. Now you should add this domainname to your shopping basket. Simply click on the Checkout icon that will appear above it. Standard setting is 3 month.

I' ve spent 12 month, which is totally free. Then click the Next buttons to resume the order processing. It may be necessary to type in your e-mail and validate your profile to move on to the next stage. Navigate to your e-mail and click on the Freenom sent you to check your profile.

Click on the Finish Order pushbutton. Now you have successfully created a free Freenom account. This is what your Freenom customer area looks like. The InfinityFree is an independently hosted free service aimed at providing trusted free mass hosted service. Go to the website and click on the icon and click on Name Up Now.

You must validate your Microsoft WordPress website in order to manage and set up your free WordPress website with InfinityFree. Now, that you have successfully registered for both free domains and web hostings. The next step is to configure the name server to point to InfinityFree. Please login to your InfinityFree area.

When you are signed in, go to the Accounts page and click the Create my Contacts link. You have to copy the marked name servers and attach them to your Freenom-Page. In your web navigator, open a new tabs and login to your Freenom area. Click the pinion symbol next to Manager Domain in the Dashboard.

You have to type the following InfinityFree provided nameservers: That's it, you have now successfully set up your new InfinityFree pointing name servers. Return to InfinityFree, create a new accounts page, type your free nomination and click the Find icon. Finish the acquisition and click the CREATE BACCOUNT icon.

Please allow a few moments for us to create the landing page for you. First thing you need to do is login to your actual Cpanel accounts, you can do this in two ways. Firstly, by directly klicking the Control Panel icon on the Accounts page. Please note: infininityfree allows you to use a limit of three domains for a given user only.

In order to continue adding sites, you need to update to their premier Hosting Service. Secondly, by pressing the Manage pushbutton, which opens in a new tabs window. Then you must click the Control Panel icon. Select WordPress, and then click the Install Now Now button. Select protocol - select whether your website should have a WWW or non-WWWW. An HTTPS is also available if you have a current SSL Certificates.

If you have several different names, you can pick them here. Otherwise, use the standard domain for your current area. Folder - here you can enter a name if you want to give WordPress its own folder. Site-Name - give your site a clear name, don't bother, you can always modify it later.

Activate Multisite(WPMU) - this is useful if you want to run several WordPress pages within one WordPress install. They can use a powerful passwords engine to help you select a great one. It can be used to restore your user name and/or your forgotten passwords to your computer. The default setting for your website is English.

Select one from the drop-down list. Once everything is configured, click the Install icon. Now you can browse your new WordPress website at the following location - or in the WordPressdmin area. Hopefully this tutorial has been helpful in helping you take the first steps in building a WordPress website FREE of charge.

Begin by setting up your website, posting pages on your website, customizing WordPress, customizing menus, and more. It is also possible to review this item for 9 key preferences after you have installed WordPress.

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