How to Create a Theme for Chrome

Creating a design for Chrome

Or you can create your own custom chrome theme to promote your brand. What is the best way to create a Google Chrome theme? Upload any available design for Chrome, such as this one. This topic is described in a manifest.json filename.

Contains hyperlinks to pictures used in the theme. You are in the folder "i" in grayscale one. Pictures are in PNG size. This is the manifest.json grayscale files format:

"Version": "1.0", "Name": "Grayscale", "Topic": "Pictures": "theme_frame": "i/agxjaHJvbWV0aGVtZXNyDAsSBEZpbGUY6ZwBDA", light × "theme_toolbar": "photometric background": "i/agxjaHJvbWV0aGVtZXNyDAsSBEZpbGUY6pwBDA": "i/agxjaHJvbWV0aGVtZXNyDAsSBEZpbGUYtawBDA" <

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