How to Create a Weebly page

Creating a Weebly Page

This takes you to the page to select a theme (design) for the website. Creating Pages and Navigation - Weebly Help Center To open the Page Setup dialog, click the + icon at the top of the page bar. While there are a number of different page choices, Standard Page is the one you are likely to use most often, so it is the one we will be focusing on here. If you select the Default Page checkbox, a new page is created and you are prompted to name it.

They can also modify the header style, customize who can display the page and how, and setup the page sideEO. Once you're done, click Done to store everything and go back to the page listing - you'll see your new page at the end of the pageding. To reorder the order of pages, click and drag them up and down in the page listing.

If you drag a page to the top of the page listing, that page becomes your home page, as indicated by the home symbol next to the page name. Changes to the order of the pages in the listing also changes the order in which they appear in the menu. It is also possible to create sub-pages by moving a page below and to the right of another page.

Do more by following the same procedure - you can even create sub-pages by drag and dropping pages under and next to an already created one. Your home pages are displayed in the Navigate panel, and when you move your mouse over them, your home pages appear in a drop-down list below them. Either a functionally linked page or a non selectable menue can be your primary point of use.

In order not to make it navigable, click the + symbol to insert a page and choose Non-Clickable Menus. Name the new option and return to the Home Pages page so that you can organize your sub-pages. When you want to work on a page that you've already made, just go to the Pages page and click the page you want to work on.

This page is loaded directly into the Notepad so you can make any changes you want.

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