How to Create free website with own Domain name

Creating a free website with your own domain name

When you are serious about building your own website, you need your own hosting and your own domain name. When I create a free domain name through a website like, does it belong to me? The domain name is a unique identifier that enables Internet users to reach your website. As a minimum, you must invest in your own domain name and hosting.

Domainname Generator - Find Good Domain Name Ideas (Instantly)

Obtain the domain name that matches your company and your identity (before someone else does). Launch your free 14-day evaluation version. As soon as you have your item upgraded, you have everything you need to begin sales. Keep your shop stocked with 100 items and begin to sell to your clients in just a few moments without the effort of stocktaking, packing or dispatch.

Accentuate your company with high-quality photographs from professionals. With our trademark creator you can create your own trademark with just a few mouse clicks. Just click on the image to create a trademark.

To use Gmail with your own domain name

While most of our people are already comfortable with the Gmail user experience, using Gmail as is not very pro. Use Gmail instead of your Desktop e-mail programme? Save space on your web host your web space with it. Register here for a 14-day free evaluation period. Your nonprofit edition is free forever.

However, if you only need one solution for the moment, here is a fast work-around to use Google Mail with your own customized domain. But if you don't want these extra functions, you can of course use your own domain at free of charge at Smail. Here we will guide you through the FREE trial of using Google Mail with your own domain name, as the set-up of the pay per use software is almost the same.

Essentially, you simply forward the entire message from to a Gmail address and modify a preference so that outbound messages say as well. Probably you already have a Gmailccount and you could use it for the emails of your non-profit organization, but just like finance it is best to keep your private and your professional life separated.

Here's how to create the account: Go to the Gmail login page and choose a new e-mail adress. usually works fine. Continue with the next few simple stages to create your own personal profile and log in. Please note: If you want to save an archiv of your e-mails on our server, you can create an e-mail accounts in cPanel or create an already created e-mail accounts and then simply create a forwarding agent for it.

In this way, a complete history of your emails is always kept outside Google. At this stage, you can use Gmail's mail server for sending emails to . In case you get an issue, you can create an app-specific login here. You will receive an e-mail with a confirmation address.

When you are back on the settings page, click Set defaults next to your new customized e-mail. Now you know how to use Gmail with your own domain name!

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