How to Create Google Chrome Theme

Creating Google Chrome Theme

The things you need to create a Chrome theme:. Creating and sharing Google Chrome themes with your own designs Google's Chrome Explorer is a massively scalable alternate to Microsoft's Explorer and Safari web-browsers installed on most computer systems. Besides the variety of web applications and other add-ons that make surfing more effective, Chrome also offers a large collection of predefined topics to select from. When you don't find one you like, Google's My Chrome Theme web application makes it easier to design - and then share - your own work.

If you have not already done so, please use the Chrome Browsers. Now that the setup is finished, you can also download the My Chrome Theme add-on from the Chrome Web Store. Run the My Chrome Theme application by pressing the button once and after loading click on "Start Making Theme". Select a wallpaper for your design.

When you have a picture on your computer, click "Upload a picture", choose the picture and click "Open". Choose "Import new image" if you are dissatisfied with the results and want to restart with a new one. It is also possible to choose "Custom" to customize the positioning manual.

Choose "Image Effects" to apply a photofilter, such as monochrome or sepia, to your wallpaper. When the wallpaper settings are complete, choose "Continue with 2". To customize the element's colour choices, click a needle, the droplet shape symbol with the brush inside. Use the pen on the far right to set the colour of the current page.

Pen in the center matches the colors of the backgrounds tab. Right hand side pins adjust the colour of the border of the browser. When the colour changes are complete, choose "Next to 3". Type a name for your design and click "Make My Theme". Choose "Install My Design" to set up the design in your own web browsers.

To create the theme, click on " Split Topic " to create the theme' top link, which can then be duplicated and split with others.

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