How to Create Template in Wordpress

Creating a template in Wordpress

And the easiest way to start with your custom page is to copy the existing page template provided by your design. Launch your FTP client and go to your topic folder. In order to create a template for a specific page, copy your existing page.php file and rename it with the slug or ID of your page: page-.php.

Creating a custom page template in WordPress

WorldPress allows you to create customized layout for all your pages. Those user-defined layout are referred to as a template. If you have a web design Blog, for example, you can create a customized template that places the PHP emblem on each page about PHP. While some designs contain many already existing designs, the creation of your own designs is a very easy one.

This example will show us how to include a PHP badge to all our PHP pages. Open the Topic pane to view your available page styles. Substitute My-Page-Template with your own template name. While you can name this new document almost arbitrarily, there are some titles reserved by WordPress for specific use.

When you use a fixed title page, this is the template for the page with the most recent postings. singles. php setup - The singles pos template. Is used when a request is made for a particular contribution. This and all other request styles use index. directory if the request style does not exist. 1-. directory - The individual mail style that is used when requesting a unique contribution from a user-defined mail style.

Example: stand-alone catalogs. pdf would be used to display articles from the user-defined catalogs. index. pdf is used when the search mask for the user-defined catalogs does not exist. page. pdf - The page template. Is used when a page is requested. category. php setup - The category template. page.

Is used when querying a categorie. tags. php setup - The tags template. Is used when a day is requested. Taxionomy. php-p - The concept template. Is used when querying a phrase in a user-defined taxi onomy. author. php setup - The author template. by default, the phrase is Is used when an autor is requested. Date. Php - The date/time template.

Is used when a date or clock is requested. The year, monthly, daily, hour, minutes, seconds. archives. php - The archival template. Is used when a catagory, a writer or a date is inquired. Notice that this template is overwritten by categories. phi, auth. phi and date. phi for their particular queries. phi - The results template.

Is used when a scan is done. installation. php setup - attachment template. It is used when displaying a separate appendix. picture. php setup - Picture Attachment Template. This is used when displaying a singular picture appendix. When not present, Appendix. will be used. pdf. The 404. Not Found Original. Is used when WordPress cannot find a contribution or page that corresponds to the request.

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