How to Create your own Blog

Creating your own blog

Skip to Pick your blogging platform. Yes, you can create your blog for free on websites like Blogger. Help with blog design through tutorials, inspiration, resources & feedback for creative solo preneurs & bloggers who prefer to do it themselves.

You' re your own editor-in-chief and publisher. Do you want your own personal or business blog?

Educational Design Hub for the DIY Blog Designers

I am Marianne and provide world class blog designing training, inspirations and product for your DYY designing needs so you can domineer the blog designs like a #Girlboss! Find out more about our blog entitled: Your Own (lovely). Knowledge of HTML and CSS designs is critical for Blogger who want to take full command of the blog layout.

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You' re about to start a new page in your Iife.

You' re about to start a new page in your Iife. I' ve been blogging for almost a dozen years - from a stupid collegiate blog to board games to a very favorite for a well-known corporate franchise and even become a Forbes employee! What did you do to emerge from a blog that few colleagues shared to contribute to probably the world's most respected economic paper?

You' re gonna have to create this blog, right? Once you've ended up on my site, you're probably a little doomed with all those blogs setting up routine. What kind of blogs should you use? What is the procedure to get a registered name? What the hell am I supposed to do and decide to host my blog? Where do I download and use WordPress?

So what? I was in your skin, too. Don't be daunted by all these annoying detail before you even begin to blog! Lean back and let me have about 30 mins of your while. I' ll guide you through the precise procedures you need to take to create your blog - even if you're a novice with no previous HTML, programming or other engineering experience.

Do you know your reasons - why do you want to blog? Do you know what you have in mind - what do you want to blog about? Submit your first blog entry and begin your blogs! Okay, so these are the most important things to do to get your blog started. Stage 1: Do you know your why - why do you want to blog?

Well, think of your reason to launch a blog as a fast guide in the right directions. This would help you get the most out of your trip and make the whole trip even more enjoyable. Do you want to begin blogs for the mere passion for penmanship? And if you have an audiences that can somehow react and refer to their thoughts, that makes the whole scripting process even greater!

Now you can begin to blog to make an impression. Yes, this little bit of Web property can become your website to express your opinion, find sponsors and have a real effect. Now you can begin to blog to make some cash. As a matter of fact, you don't even have to be greasy or marketable to make blogs cash.

Monetising your blog does not mean that you should display it. This is one of the hardest ways to make cash with your blog (and I'll talk about the good ones in one of my upcoming posts). Actually, blogs open more door for you. Use your blog to promote your business activities, sign a contract with a publisher, or maintain a presence.

Start an e-course to learn other people your abilities. Well, let's say you have some clear reasons why you should start your blog. Stage 2: Do you know what you are doing - what do you want to blog about? One of the attractions of blogs is that you can cover just about anything you like.

You' re your own editor-in-chief and your own publishing house. Remember to train the pup pots to build an Bio-Microgarden on your balkony. Therefore, you must group them into a specific alcove. What makes it so important to have a blog alcove? This will help you draw and maintain a faithful following that awaits your next contribution.

This will help you to set up your own on-line administration - believably much more quickly. This will help you to continue to blog in the long run and prevent writing blockages - as long as you are enthusiastic about your topics. Hotspot Blogs do better in your results because Google and other key accounts can clearly see what your site is about and rate it accordingly.

Finally, a well-defined blog alcove will help you better monetise your blog. You' ll have the public potentially interested in your products/services, not a group of dispersed readership who are not really sure why they are posting. Well, how do you select this blog alcove?

Select something you know and like - think of your hobby, spare time activity or interesting work experience or something you like to get to know. Remember your power - what are you really good at? Don't go too far into the alcove - there is a good explanation why there are so many face-to-face financial logs, but too few face-to-face financial logs for Japan collegiate children, for example.

If you concentrate on a microscopic alcove, you're taking your possible blog grow on your arm. Targets a wide alcove and spices it with a speciality. You can, for example, run a life style blog, but have a particular emphasis on eco-friendly clothing. They already know that there are tens of blogs out there.

When you create a blog, you need to choose whether you want to launch on a free or chargeable blogsite. You can create a free blog on the first two blogsites. Your blog domainname looks simple... more - it's not professionally or particularly reliable. Another thing to do - these blogs are only "technically free".

When you want to create your own independant domainname (e.g. MyNewBlog. There are no secrets to shutting down your blog. Once the business running the blogs has decided that you have somehow breached its conditions (even by chance), it can be powered down and taken away forever. Should the blogsite decide to stop for any reason, your blog will also be torn down.

Your blog monetisation is limited. Whilst certain styling features and website layouts can be changed to your specifications, you will never be able to create a truly individual feeling for your blog. Those plattforms don't give you full control over the sourcecode, so you can only redesign certain blogitems.

It is not possible to use a user-defined e-mail such as, which provides extra professionality and allows you to keep your own e-mails separated from those related to the blog. So your best chance is to work with a self-hosted WordPress from the very first moment. Allows you to have your own domains name and web host on which to host the self-hosted WordPress application (available at

When you think about launching on a free blogsite and then later switching to a self-hosted WordPress, drop the notion. I can tell you that the migration from a free trading system will be even more difficult later on. Therefore, it is best to begin with a self-hosted WordPress blog. What makes you think you should go for self-hosted WordPress?

It' a sophisticated plattform with hundred thousand of designs, plug-ins and other tidbits that make the operation of your blog a cakewalk. Even WordPress is the first choise of top blogs like Jon Morrow, Ramit Sethi and Pat Flynn. Renowned publishers such as Forbes, CNN, The New York Times, TechCrunch, Mashable and Reuters even use WordPress themselves.

The best part is - even WordPress blog hosts are not that high. Actually, you can get blog housing for only $2. 75 per months (which means only $33 per year) and a free blog domainname in tow aboard (worth $10-$15 if you buy it separately)! I' ll be open - many web hostin' businesses are shit.

You' re lazy - your page has been loaded forever. Her blog can go off-line for endless periods for no obvious reason and no one will give a shit. I used eight (!!!!!) different web hosters for my old blog before choosing my actual host - my actual host2.

A 2 host is very dependable. And even if you pick the least expensive web site with them ( only $3.92 per months via my dedicated link), you will always have enough resource for your blog and the operating time is always almost 99% (out of curiosity). Notice that all hosters have such a programme and I just recommended C2 Hosted because I really believe that they provide high level service.

In order to register for a Hosted Access please click here to go to the homepage of A 2 Hosted. As soon as you make your payments, you now have a great webmaster for your blog. The installation of WordPress on P2 is very simple. Log in to your cPanel uponA2 web site (they will e-mail you the relevant links in a welcome e-mail after registering in stage 4 above).

In the next window, you must select your domainname from the available one. Then click Next, and then click Advanced Settings to apply your administrator user name, your passwords, and your blog name. When you click on Save, the WordPress installer starts. Now you have your self-hosted WordPress host up and running on Adobe Acrobat 2.0 and can begin to blog.

Now a few words about the use of WordPress. Stage 6: Create your first posting and begin to blog! Once you have completed Stage 5 above, A2 Hosting will resend you another e-mail with your log-in user name and passphrase to gain your WordPress Dashboard in. It looks like (replace "YourNewBlog" with your ... with your domainname) www.YourNewBlog. com/wp-admin/.

Please click on the following links and login with your WordPress user name and your WordPress user name. The submenus on the right side of the screen allow you to perform various operations in WordPress. Select Contributions > Append New to open the Mail Editors and begin posting your very first blog entry: Move your mouse over each button to better comprehend your styling choices.

Then click on "Publish" for your first contribution. You just made your WordPress blog in less than 30 mins.

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