How to Create your own website for free

Creating your own website for free

It' free to create a website, but there are catches. Web site builder: Build your own website for free None necessary knowledge of designs. Imagine if you could create a professional-looking website in just a few clicks - no designers, no coding, and no web hosting-all for free? Try Spark Page - Why? Sometimes you don't need a conventional website to get your messages across.

A Spark Page can present a catalogue of products, promote a promotional sale or act as a website for companies or as a newsletters on a week or month basis.

Whatever you create with Spark, you can do it without paying a cent - or even know how to create a website. Initially conceived as portable iOS applications, Page and its companion, Mail and Video, are now available on the Web through a unique user interface, so all Spark utilities can be used on any devices.

Take it from your notebook, Chromebook, iPad or iPhone wherever you are. Since your work is synchronized across devices and devices so you can start on the web and go iterative or the other way around. Use Spark Page to select a topic from the Themes galleries in the top right hand corner to specify font and style that will change the look of your work.

Don't you like your choices? Customize your own pictures from your harddisk, dropbox, or Lightroom using the search box on the right, or select from hundreds of unlicensed photographs we offer for you. Click the plus on your new page and select from the available text, button, image, or video addition choices.

Quickly create your website as you browse by adding items with just a few mouse clicks. Just click and drag. To see your work before it goes online, click Preview. Once your page is finished, click "Share" to get a new, unambiguous link. Now your site is available to be divided on community based sites, sent by email or added to newsletter and other publication.

Share also generates a piece of HTML that allows you to integrate your new page into an already created website by inserting the HTML into your website file. Featuring professionally designed template pages, customisable functionality and an out-of-the-box look, Spark Page is perhaps the best website builders you' ever seen - a quick and simple utility anyone can use.

The Spark Page provides a wide range of functions to make your contents look great anytime, anywhere. Select from a wide range of free, professional-looking typefaces for every occasion. and more. Simply customize them with the text, pictures and symbols that best suit your needs.

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